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how to tie a good dumalla


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well firstly you need some longgggg kapra cos youll be doing a hell of allot of lars - i prefer a thinner kapra which isnt very wide either, much easier to handle and set

comb your kesh and hand your head down so your kesh is all straight... get a short peice of kapra (around about a meter long) and place this on your head and have the cloth hang the length of your kesh and have the rest behind you (sorry if this is confusing :P )

now wrap this cloth around your kesh... and twist anti clockwise until its tight... then tie ur joora ... dont tie too tight because then your joora will go high lol...the cloth that was behind you place it ontop of your joora and cover it then tuck in the sides to make ur joora smooth from the top

take the longer cloth and place it on your head.... hold one side and then wrap the other around ur head... first lar is the most important.. if that isnt tight then the rest of your dastar wont be either - after you have that set then gather the cloth together - you can fold if you wish too.. all depends on how you want the look

i do 2 horizontal lars first... have the edge of the first lar go accross ur forehead - then the 2nd higher so the top edge is near the bottom of ur joora

the 3rd lar wrap it around the bottom of ur joora all the way around... so when u come round to the front again you come down diagonally and cover your ears.... lead this lar around the back of your head.. BELLOW the first lar... so it comes accross the top of your neck.... when you come back round to the front then cover your ears and go up diagonally again - make it symetrical to the first diagonal lar

(u still with me? :LOL: ).... ok then the next lar is pretty tricky - you have to cover any messy bits that may be below.. so take your time on this lar... tuck all bits at the back in.... make this lar overlap half of the lar that went around ur joora... and then come back round to the front.. the lar may slip so make sure u take your time to set it....you can go round another time if you wish just to make it right...

when you have set that then around to the front again you do a horiztonal lar accross your forehead again... this will make that

/--- kind of look at the front which dumalas have.... when you are happy with that the rest is easy.... when you wrap this time start off low and then comin to the front curve the lar so it goes like an arch... and keep building up - when youve made another 3-4 lars then tuck the end in

the end result should be like steps comin down at the back... and a curved front going up...

i know not a very good description but give it a try - u need allot of patience and practise but in the end - youll be able to understand after a few tries

hope that helped anyway - i think a video or something would be useful :D

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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

I admit this is proberly not what you guys had in mind but its worth the look, at Walsall Gurmat Camp 2003 we had a Sikhi version of Generation game and dastaar tying was one of the challenges...

If you go to the link below and scroll down to the video clips, I'm sure you'll find the 'Jujhar Singh and the Dastaar' and the 'Sukhjit Kaur and the Dastaar' video clips well worth the look...


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