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On 5/25/2023 at 2:23 AM, Premi said:



The UK has planned or executed over 40 attempts to remove foreign governments in 27 countries since the end of the Second World War, involving the intelligence agencies, covert and overt military interventions and assassinations, Declassified has found.


12 JANUARY 2023





Planned or executed intervention

1945–48: Ukraine

Covert war to overthrow Soviet rule

1946-52: Baltic states

Covert war to overthrow Soviet rule

1949–52: Albania

Covert war to overthrow Enver Hoxha

1950-54: Guatemala

Propaganda campaign that prepared the ground for overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz government

1952-57: Egypt

Covert operations to undermine and assassinate Gamal Abdel Nasser

1953: British Guiana (Guyana)

Military intervention overthrowing Cheddi Jagan government

1953: Iran

MI6 coup with CIA overthrowing Mohammed Mosaddeq government

1956: Egypt

Military invasion at Suez intended to confront Gamal Abdel Nasser

1956: Syria

Planned ‘Operation Straggle’ to promote uprising and coup

1957–59: Indonesia

Covert war to overthrow President Sukarno

1957: Syria

Planned operation to promote uprising, coup and assassinations

1961: Congo

UK involvement in the overthrow and murder of Patrice Lumumba

1962-70: Yemen

Covert war to overthrow Abdullah al-Sallal government

1963: British Guiana

Constitutional coup to ensure Cheddi Jagan not re-elected

1964: Brazil

Propaganda and support of key agitators to help overthrow João Goulart

1964: Saudi Arabia

British military advisers active in backing Prince Faisal’s palace coup against King Saud

1965-66: Indonesia

Covert support to Generals and media operations in support of overthrow of Sukarno

1965: Sharjah

Removal of Saqr bin Sultan al-Qasimi in favour of Khalid bin Mohammed Al Kasimi

1966: Abu Dhabi

Involvement in palace coup replacing Sheikh Shakhbut bin Sultan with Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan

1966: Ghana

Involvement in US-backed coup overthrowing Kwame Nkrumah

1969: Uganda

Planned assassination of Milton Obote

1970-71: Libya

Planned uprising and coup against Muammar Gaddafi

1970: Oman

UK coup replacing Sultan Said bin Taimur with Qaboos bin Said

1970s (late): Uganda

Foreign secretary David Owen proposed assassination of Idi Amin

1970s (mid): Uganda

Prime minister Harold Wilson proposed assassination of Idi Amin

1975: Australia

Buckingham Palace role in removal of prime minister Gough Whitlam

1975–76: Angola

Covert aid to rebels to overthrow government of Agostinho Neto

1976: Italy

UK involved in coup plot in event of election win for Italian Communist Party

1980-88: Afghanistan

Covert operations supporting mujahideen to end Soviet rule

1986: Libya

UK offered use of its air bases to US conducting airstrikes to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi

1990s: Iraq

Support for opposition groups challenging Saddam Hussein

1992: Azerbaijan

MI6/BP role in overthrow of Ayaz Mutalibov by Abulfaz Elchibey

1992: Yugoslavia

Planned assassination of Milosevic

1993: Azerbaijan

MI6/BP role in overthrow of Abulfaz Elchibey by Haydar Aliyev

1996: Libya

Covert operation funding an assassination attempt on Muammar Gaddafi

2001: Afghanistan

Military intervention to overthrow Taliban regime

2001: Iraq

UK drew up plans for a coup attempt against Saddam Hussein

2003: Iraq

Military intervention to overthrow Saddam Hussein regime

2011-18: Syria

Operations supporting opposition forces to remove Bashar Assad regime

2011: Libya

Air strikes and covert ground operations to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi regime

2019: Bolivia

UK diplomatic support for opposition to Evo Morales before and after his removal in a coup

2019: Venezuela

Recognition of alternative government and support for opposition to Nicolas Maduro government

Combine that with all the shady ish the us does? Being another country must suck. Constantly undermined, eroded, usurped by western sociopaths. 

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