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Will i be stuck in 7 rebirths :O?

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"Hove Sikh sir topi dhare, SAt janam Kushti hoi mare"

This quote tells us that, the Sikh who wears a cap/hat will be stuck in 7 rebirths. This is from Guru GOvind Singh JI’s bani ( not sure of any pg)

Now my question is

When I was like in second grade …I used to have a “Shaunk” to wear cap…..so I wore it once or twice ..(NOTE I had almost NO KNOWLEDGE about WHY NOT TO, even though I knew that the Jora I had was for identity, I still didn’t know WHY NOT

Last year we had a quire who would sing during Christmas, and I had to join in order to get an A+, and we HAD to wear “santa-hats”, as much as I hated it I first refused to wear it,…then I thought that I HAVE TO DO it…so I actually did wear it a couple of seconds :’(

Well now that I do know MUCH BETTER and have more knowledge about SIKH. I would not in ANY circumstance .. EVER, wear a hat/cap

Will I still be stuck in 7 rebirths, even If I try my best by doing a lot of paath and naam jaapna to get rid of my “maan di mail” ?

Thanx a lot :o :cry:

Fateh ji :?

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hmmm, why didn't u wear a red pagh :wink:

Around christmas, some sikh uncles start lookin like santa to me, round in the middle, chitta darha , only thing missing is RED pagh :LOL:


Well I was suppose to tie my red Patka *As incompitent i am..I can't tie Paagh yet :( :cry: *

But I couldn't find it :cry:

But hey answering the question

Will I be stuck in 7 rebirths :o even though I wont ever do it again..and i didn't want to :cry: ..?

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