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hello everyone,

I have a question about the maryada with baana. Nihang singhs in india where baana "most" of the time if not all of the time correct? well what does a nihang singh in the west do? what I mean to say is this. are there specific times or places where nihang singhs MUST or MUST NOT wear baana?

mehtaab singh and sukha singh (who I assume were nihangs/akali's) let go of their hair and wore a cloak when they went to go take off massa ranghars head (if I have the right person). They weren't in baana then. Guru gobind singh ji wasn't in baana during the whole "uch da peer" incident. Guru nanak dressed in dhoti/chaadra when he did "kethi" (farming) but was dressed like a saadhu/pir at other times...

so my question is, what are the limitations and when is it necessary to wear baana (apart from fighting).... I know that changes have occured throughout time, because "buttoned baana's" must be a new innovation.. just like those "lappells" (if that is the right name, those pieces of cloth which are sowed onto baana these days on the shoulders)...on the shoulders (practically, they have no use).

thanks for any info!

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According to the Buddhal Dal Rehat Maryada written in the Buddha Dal Gutka it basically says... :arrow:

the Bana must be blue

worn with a blue dastaar and blue chola

including a kamarkassa

kesGi woven into kesh (notice g) worn with panj shastar

a white kachera

and no pajama.

But Khalsa should be ready to adapt to any situation and wear "khula bana," when need be....


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Bana can be Kulla or not depending on the individual, however you should try to keep your bana on as often as possible simply becasue of the tyar pr tyaar maryada and also as it is stated in the budhadal gutka under the rehts section

When you come to do my (guru jis) darshan, Come after being cleaned wearing bana and having adorned your weapons, etc etc

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