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i know this isn't anything new but we need to think of new and innovative ways to STIMULATE sikh youth, thats me and you! Some of our fellow peers are lost and confused, not because of ignorance (well maybe few) but because they don't understand or they are juz HIDING! we need to start brainstorming how we can capture teens and children of sikh faith besides just reliance on family. Altho that does do a big part! I mean there are camps, which i find the best thing to do to make the youth interested in sikhi, but is there anything else that can reach out to them? I mean its a very big topic, and many associations have tried everything, do you have any ideas on stimulation and captivation to try to get some sikh youth involved????


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Yes, I think community events would be a big thing...preferably organized by a Gurdwara. And I don't mean Sikh-related stuff like Gurbani studies...although that wouldn't hurt either...but a chance for Sikh kids to get together and just be kids and have fun together.

Going to Gurdwara shouldn't just be something that the parents want the kids to do. I think it would help if they had a reason to choose it.

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