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Stupid Singh: Hindutva de Chamche!


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balwinder singh is bent upon typecasting all muslims in past as enemy of sikhs, forgetting hindu quisling and butchers like chandu, gangu sucha nand, pahari rajas , massa rangar. what about sikh carnage in 1984 in wich thousand of innocent sikhs were killed and burnt alive for three days by hindu terrorist mobs.all moguls(a clan ) may b said bad but not all muslims , note sai mian meer, nabi khan and gani khan(who keptv guru gobind singh at home when he left chamkaur garhi after attack of 1.5 lac mogul army assisted by pahari hindu rajas), when sarhand's nawab martyred chota sahibjadas on urge of diwan sucha nand , mawab of malerkotla, protested

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