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Must required changes to improve our socity for worth Living


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Friends here i m posting a small but must required changes which is becoming the neccessaty to change our socity upto the level of worth living. As per great managemnet thinkers if we only change ourselves then we did the most of our part to help sociaty upto that level to improve sociaty for worth living. Check what U & me can do in OURz share...

" It is never the ACTIVITY of RASCALS that destroys a

society, but always the INACTIVITY of the GOOD PEOPLE

that does it. "

" IF INJUSTICE is happening to your neighbour and you

can SLEEP, WAIT for your turn. You are NEXT. "

" If a citizen does not OPPOSE injustice and CRIME,

then he is encouraging it. "

" Hands that serve HUMANITY are a lot better than lips

that talk of DIVINITY. "

" We are SUFFERING because citizens have GIVEN and



" Today's PROBLEMS are the results of yesterday's


" Citizens & nations reveal their CHARACTER by the way

they treat their ELDERLY and the DISABLED. "

" People who vote for bad LEADERS, are not TRUSTING

them, but TRADING with them. "

" We have to PROTECT not only what we have inherited,

but what we are leaving for our CHILDREN. "

" Good leaders SERVE THE NATION, bad leaders make the


" If JUSTICE is worth having - it's worth FIGHTING

for. "

" Those who we would not trust as GUARDIANS of our

children - why do we make them guardians of our


" A society that cannot protect the RESPECT and

DIGNITY of its WOMEN and CHILDREN has no right to

exist. "

" Where LAWLESSNESS becomes the law, HONEST CITIZENS

become cheats, crooks and dacoits. "

" A Society becomes VIOLENT where EXPLOITATION is the

essence of EXISTENCE. "

" More than CHARITY - what is desired today is


" A nation suffers when POPULAR OPINIONS become more

important than VALUES & JUSTICE. "

" A society is in DANGER when those who have never

learned to OBEY are given the right to COMMAND. "

" Citizens who value their PRIVILEGES over principles,

end up LOSING both. "

" It is CRUELTY to the INNOCENT when the GUILTY go


" Under pressure, PREFERENCES become weak whereas


" Unjust GOVERNANCE is organised EXPLOITATION. "

" Those who give up FREEDOM to purchase temporary

SAFETY deserve neither freedom nor safety. "

" Educating the MIND without moral creates a MANIAC in

society. "

" Unprincipled ALLIANCES keep recycling old TRASH and

discourage fresh TALENT. "

" Bad leaders take MONEY from the rich, VOTE from the

poor, promising to protect one from the other. "

" Anyone who PROFITS from CRIME is a part of it. No

crime is VICTIMLESS. "

" UNJUST nations invite their own PAIN and FREEDOM

cannot prevail in a CORRUPT society. "

" WEAK people can never be SINCERE - COWARDS can never

practice MORALITY. "

TOLERANCE beyond the point of absurdity is not a


" A Society depends more on its citizens' CHARACTER

than their INTELLIGENCE. "

" Future LEADS the willing and DRAGS the unwilling. "

" CORRUPT governance neither lets its citizen LIVE

with DIGNITY nor DIE with DIGNITY. "

" To a DEVIOUS person, a CROOKED path looks straight.

" The INFLUENTIAL get the BAIL, REST get the JAIL. "

" GOOD people PRAY for others, while RASCALS PREY on

others. "

" TERRORISM is a SIN and ACCEPTANCE of it is a bigger

sin. "

" Lack of JUSTICE makes citizens lose respect for the

LAW. "

" OPPORTUNISTS say, "Whatever LITTLE BIT I can do, I

will do." CONCERNED citizens say, "Whatever the NATION

takes to do, I will do.

" India is not the first country with PROBLEMS, but is

amongst the first few not coming up with SOLUTIONS. "

from the Pen Point of a great management thinker 'SHIV KHERA'

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