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Is sikhi going downhill or uphill?

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Could i have your opinions

Personally i think that sikhi is going uphill.

Reason being, sikhs have survived and fought back in all the wars.

We are still live and kicking.

More and more sikhs are being born.

Bt these more and more sikhs that are being born are mostly doing the wrong things.

Sikh gals are going of with muslims and turning everything into a fashion statement

Sikh boys are playing so many diffrent gals at the same time and drinking and smoking with turbans on.

So, although we are increasing,is it decreasing at the same time?

(this is what kalyug is doing to them)


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i gotta agree, itys getting better and worse

look at it this way its like a Siv, all the Punjabi sikhs that ignore there birthright, are loosing it and when you see a gora sikh(sorry to say the words) they are benefiting from it, so the dirt is being cleaned.

Ask yah parents before 84, in the the west very few turbans/amritaris + we got radios/tv stations/internet etc, its on;ly gonna get better :LOL:

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Sat Sri Akal:

Well, there is this sakhi. Once, Sant Attar Singh Sahib was sitting staring at the clouds. He sat and stared for hours on end. His sangat was puzzled and finally, after a few hours, approached him and asked what he was looking at. He stated that just as the clouds were moving west, so Sikhism will one too.

Sikhism is a creation of the Almighty. Don't worry too much about it going downhill or uphill. The Almighty will do what it will do. Just know that no human force can conquer it.

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I think right now is a great time to be a Sikh. There are some bad things happening, but there are a lot of good things too.

What I don't like is that there seems to be a sharp age division in U. S. Gurdwaras...or at least the ones that I am familiar with. There do not seem to be a lot of social/community events, nor is there much outreach to young adult Sikhs. I personally think some effort should be made to convince a less-serious or less-orthodox Sikh to become a bigger part of Sangat and live a more righteous life.

It is younger Sikhs that will be carrying on our beliefs and tradittions. It is younger Sikhs, at least in my own observation, that have the courage to stand up against their elders and rail against some of lucridious traditions we see...such as casteism.

I think all of us as individuals can take the gifts we have been given, and make Sikhi even better...but it will take effort.

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Sareh kaho WAHEGURU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand.

its just i see sikhi growing but i see KALYUG destroying it at the same time.

the best thing is for us to have loads of children and make sure they become gursikhs-lol.

thats what i am going to do-going to have at least 7 children and discipline them into sikh warrioirs!


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