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What's in lineage?

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Gur Fateh!

We find the following quote mentioned in the Sri Sarbloh Granth:

The four lineages of the Gurus are good . . . .

The Bedis, Trehans, Bhallas and Sodhis are the four Guru-lineages, the supreme lineages.

The four lineages are have been saved

Sri Sarab Loh Granth, 3, pp. 494-5.

On this forum too there has been much talk in the way of 'parampara' and the resultant effect the lack of it in the majority of modern Sikh instituions has lead to a loss of heritage and intricate details and refinement.

Any thoughts from the Sangat?


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a few thoughts...

The importance of parampara is that it firstly values the importance in respecting historical traditions, institutions, personalities, etc. Therefore, it could be argued that it is the essence of orthodoxy and authority.

It also serves as a means by which an individual's learning can be qualified. Obviously this is not fool proof, but is at least a better measure of knowledgable authority than a self-proclaimed authority. It's like a qualified teacher vs. unqualified. You can't say which is better, but you can at the very least guarentee that the qualified has some idea of what she/he is doing!

run out of time...more later

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Gur Fateh!

Jai Ho J T Singh!

Good to hear from you again... look forward to hearing more...just a few further questions, that I'd like to develop on coming from your post...again, it'll be great to hear the forum's views on these matters...

<<Therefore, it could be argued that it is the essence of orthodoxy and authority.>>

How important are the roles of Traditions, Orthodoxy and Authority for Sikhs today and on a wider level for anyone's spiritual lifestyle?


Here is something I would totally agree with in principle (and as you do indicate whilst it is no guarantee), qualified learning is something severely lacking today in the Panth -we have uneducated Gyani's making their way across the globe through the Gurdwaras for some quick 'tax-free' earnings in GBP or USD etc, or we have pseudo scholars of two kinds, those who are educated professionals (Doctors, Laywers, Physicists) and suddenly feel that a PhD in Rocket Science qualifies them to authentic commentators on Gurbani and Gurmat or we have the classic Khalsa College PhD students who see fit to learn from the likes of McLeod and Macaufille as the ultimate accounts of Sikh Culture, History and Religion...

Forgive any foolish comments in the foregoing...


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Gur Fateh to All,

The Sri Sabloh Granth speaks of lineage a number of times, please consider the following:

Guru Nanak, himself the Supreme, took avatara in the supreme auspicious lineage

All the others he had sent before by command had all become entwined in their own philosophies (matta).

Sri Sarab Loh Granth, 3, p. 489.

Guru Gobind Singh has also spoken of the lineage of the Gurus explicitly in Bachitar Natak with regard to the Guru's SuryaBanshi heritage (I know this is a contentious issue with the twisted RSS propaganda that arises from it, if that needs discussing let's do it on another thread).

What is the relevance of Bedi, Tehran, Sodhi and Balla lineage today? Any thoughts?

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