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The Man who convinced Shaheed Bhagat Singh !!

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Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji

A renowned Freedom Fighter, Scholar of Arabic, English and Persian, a worthy Saint-Soldier, a man with stout religious principles and whose real name was Basant Singh.

This Son of the Guru is Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji, the pride of his people.

He was the man who revived the faith of Bhagat Singh, the man who ought to be the father of the nation. Bhai Randhir Singh visited Bhagat Singh in Lahore Central Jail and made him realise the vitality of the Sikh identity. Bhai Sahib, an immensely learned man is not as recognized as Gandhi or Nehru, despite the fact that he laid down immutable sacrifices and contributed extensively in the National Movement because alongside patriotism he kept his religious principles alive.

During his long captivity, he went on hunger strike for securing the status of political prisoners and respect of all religious needs of Sikh prisoners. He contributed marvellously for the liberation of his motherland. He devoted his life in the service of the Sikh Panth and Gurbani. He organised an Akhand Kirtani Jatha .

Bhai Sahib authored innumerable books. Some of his contributions to the world of Literature are Amrit Ki Hai, Umar Kaida da, etc.

This soul has left an immemorable remark on the mind of the Sikh faith !! This pious Saint-Soldier left this world for Sach Khand on 16th April, 1961.

Guru Ang Sang !

Facts brought from CHITIHIAN JAIL

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I have had ample oppurtunity to talk to the living sister of shaheed bhagat singh and she has confirmed that shaheed bhagat singh wanted to meet bhai randhir singh to give him respect for sacrificing his life for india. Bhagat singh never wanted to become amritdhari and had even said to randhir singh " guru tegh bahadur gave his whole body for people's freedom, I have only given my hair (one ang)". The last letter written to the brother of bhagat singh is still in the family's hands...there is absolutely no mention of bhagat singh wanting or even indicating that he was going to become amritdhari.

He was keshdhari before he cut his hair, and his mother had mentioned how he used to go to the gurdwara on sagraand and give a ramalla. He was also known to have been doing simran while he was walking around normally, he was an activist and a humanitarian; the fact that his name is being used by authors to propogate faith is a bit fishy.

personally message me if you have any issues or concern about this topic


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