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Do not let the FIRE in your belly consume you, read this with an OPEN mind and make your own valued judgement. All of this can be verified by reading transcripts of the koran or visiting the Hizb-ut-tahrir and Khalifa websites (can be found using search) engines. Furthermore remember that we as Sikh people have been under attack from the Muslims since the Arabs rose to power in 713AD (source Punjab.com), constant attack to assimilate us has been carried out since.

The mogul emperors the shahs the British and the Hindus have all seen us as an underclass, and they have treated us accordingly. However, we have not succumb and do not intend to, knowledge is your wealth and power my friends and I’m giving you a 24 carat insight.


1. Islam is a totally MISSIONARY religion committed to making EVERYONE Muslim, according to the Koran the world is divided up into 2 parts, Dar-as-Islam (House of Faith) a title which applies to all Islamic countries and Dar-al-Harb (Household of War), land not yet surrendered to Allah, which is the rest of the world. It is the duty of every Muslim to wage Jihad (Holy War) against Kafirs, infidels and unbelievers what the Koran calls non-Muslims and make them submit to Islam. Violence against Kafirs is encouraged in the Koran, if gentle persuasion doesn’t work.

2. Conversions of Sikh and Hindu men and women is becoming an increasing problem, hundreds of reported and verified conversions in the last few years. Dozens of cases were reported in October 1995 alone, when the new academic year started also converted. Universities in London, Bradford and Luton are particular problem areas.

3. At the Hizb-ut-Tahrir ( HUT ) conference at the Wembley arena in August 1994, a Sikh was converted on stage in front of 8000 cheering and clapping Muslims. The Sikh girl then proceeded to attack Sikhism making particularly offensive statements against the Sikh Gurus. The audience laughed and continued to cheer. Some of this speech was televised on satellite T.V and on the HUTs pirate radio station. Muslim leaders at the conference called for an intensification of the campaign to bring Sikh and Hindu women to Islam. The same thing happened at HUTs Rally for Islam conference in Trafalgar Square, August 1995. This time 2 Hindu women were converted on stage in front of 2000 cheering Muslims. Again Muslim leaders demanded that Muslims boys try harder to convert Sikh and Hindu girls.

4. The self appointed Muslim parliament of Britain passed a resolution demanding that the British government make it illegal for Muslim women to marry non-Muslim. It also called for the banning of conversions of Muslims to other faiths. Any Muslim who did convert was to be stoned to death according Islamic tradition. Thankfully, the British government did not take their demand seriously, but the event showed the Muslims double standards and hypocrisy.

5. HUT leaders issued a directive in January 1995 to specially selected male members telling them to place Ads in personal columns of national newspapers inviting relationships from Asian women, they were told to write the religion and nationality of the girl were unimportant and be ambiguous about their own backgrounds by for example only describing themselves as Asian.

They were further told to form intimate relationships with only Sikh and Hindu girls who replied with the aim of conversion. The expense of the Ads and any dates were to be paid by the HUT.

6. Certain Muslims have taken to wearing Karas (Sikh steel bracelet) at Bhangra gigs with the aim of specifically seeking to meet Hindu and Sikh girls. When meeting the Girls, these people identify themselves in such a way that the girl does not realise that they are Muslim, for example by shortening the name Mohammed to Mohan. They form relationships with the girl and begin the slow path to conversion.

7. A Muslim converting somebody, will never tell the person the whole story. For example when converting men they always leave out the part about having to be circumcised to become Muslim. After all what man would want half of his genitals cut off. Likewise girl converts are tricked into believing that men and women are equal to Islam.

They are not told that rape victims according to the Koran have produce 4 Male witnesses of good character to say that they were raped or they will be charged with adultery and stoned according to Islamic tradition (hundreds of cases where this has occurred are on file with Amnesty International, contact them for further information). Also according to the Koran, all man has to do to divorce his wife is say Talaq 3 times. For women of course getting a divorce is much harder. Besides which what woman wants to share her husband with three other women.

The new method that they are employing is to change their names by deed poll to Mohan Singh and Balraj Singh , they add surnames on to Gill and Hayer are two of there favorites. Please check the person you are going to marry and there credentials through your parents or close relatives NAMES MEAN NOTHING THERE ARE BEING CHANGED BY DEED POLL IT ONLY COSTS THEM A COUPLE OF HUNDRED POUNDS , SUPPLIED BY THEY’RE FANATICAL ELDERS!!!!

8. HUT leadership has instructed its members to specifically target problem groups of conversion. These include young teenage girls, people with social problems, the recently bereaved and victims of abuse as children. These people are considered to be weak willed and easily manipulated once identified the Muslim will try to convince their target that Islam will magically solve all their problems. Incidentally in 1992 the hut produced an article telling Muslim men to particularly target non-Muslim girls with plain or unattractive physical, facial or body features. These girls the article said would not be accustomed to this attention and would do anything to maintain a relationship. It went on to say that the discomfort you may feel in such relationships, especially if intimate is only temporary however the rewards you will receive in Heaven will last for eternity.

9. The HUT has instructed Muslims to work in groups when converting, with one person forming a very close friendship with their target. The group then works to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the person involved and then will work accordingly. If for example, the person loves sport and is very athletic, they go on about how Islam actively encourages sport and how all the world’s best sportsmen such as Muhammad Ali, Tyson and Imran Khan are Muslims.

If the person has a strongly anti-white attitude, then they will stir up racial hatred against whites even more by talking about past white injustices against them. This policy has been used effectively with Afro-Caribbean’s, with whom they talk about the slave trade and give Malcolm X as role model (Muslim groups leafleted black cinema audiences watching Malcolm X when it was released ). Similarly, the hard up have been offered well-paid jobs with Muslim businesses providing they convert.

10. Forced conversions do occur. There have been many documented cases at least one in Southall) when Sikh and Hindu girls have been taken to Pakistan by their Muslim boyfriends and forcibly converted. Those resisting are passed on to other Muslim men who keep the girl under lock and key, in some remote village without telephones. All the girls money and her passport are taken away. Other cases have occurred when Sikh and Hindu girls are photographed naked by their Muslim boyfriends, and are told to convert or else the photos will be published in magazines and sent to the girls family and friends. These are not tragically scare stories but facts.

 CONVERSIONS INTO ISLAM almost always occur out of a persons IGNORANCE or MISUNDERSTANDING of their own religion. Take time to understand your religion and educate others. The process of conversion is usually very SUBTLE and GRADUAL.

 It always occurs progressively UNDERMINING YOUR CULTURE and RELIGION through misquoting religious texts and falsifying historical events. Be on guard and stop them from speaking lies about your religion be you Sikh or Hindu. The HUT and other Muslim groups have said that they aim to make FRANCE, an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC by the year 2015 and Britain by 2025 through CONVERSIONS, IMMIGRATION and high MUSLIM BIRTH RATES.

 THE DIFFERENT WAYS THE HUT ARE ATTACKING US Fanatics are now vandalising books on Sikhism and religious texts such as the Guru Granth Sahib in Council, School, and college libraries.

 About 30% of the time this vandalism involves the writing of false propaganda and messages to the readers of the book. These messages usually attempts to UNDERMINE your faith by MISQUOTING religious texts and distorting reality. Check your local library especially if you live in an area with a history of trouble.

 Recent events have shown that groups have become increasingly envious of our prosperity in this country. They are now systematically trying their best to damage us financially. In some Mosques speakers have told worshippers to boycott Sikh and Hindu shops. However, the most obvious example of this economic sabotage would be that of the Bradford riots. These were not as the media have us believe merely a case of Asian youths uprising and fighting white fascist police brutality, but more a situation where gangs went on rampage, burning and looting non-Muslim property.

The Economist Magazine (June 17th 1995 edition ) reported that No Hindu nor Sikh youths took part, only Muslim males. Indian owned business were attacked. In fact other reports state that older, masked Muslims ( thought to be HUT ) went down the streets ahead of everyone else, and specifically marked out Sikh and Hindu shops with spray paint, for destruction by rioters following them. Don’t be fooled by the Muslim media, Sikhs and Hindus were the victims of the Muslim riots in Bradford.

The HUT produced and circulated articles in universities, stating that Jewish, Sikh and Hindu students were dogs and must be removed from higher education. (As reported in the Guardian, 31st October 1995 edition). The Muslims have realised that the power, respect, money and knowledge and influence brings makes us more powerful enemies. The exact strategy for preventing us from obtaining higher education has not yet been leaked, but the harassment and bullying Hindu and Sikh students at schools and colleges (by such acts as the storming of West Thames college in Jan 1995) is bound to be a part of it. After all how can anyone work in places of such stress.

Our youths must strive to get highly educated as they possibly can. University students should act as role models and encourage younger members of the community to get an education. This will greatly benefit not only you and your family, but help your community.

Youths have been instructed to infiltrate any and every organisation and position of authority they can. They have also been told to keep their Islamic fundamentalist secret and subtly remove our community from a position within these organisations. For example, they have been directed to join Student Union bodies, the Media, anti-racist groups community groups, councils and political parties.

Muslims even use black magic to try and convert people. So don’t take anything object, food, gift from a muslim!



Do not dismiss your dreams. To be without dreams is to be without hope. To be without hope is to be without purpose. Do not run through life so fast that you forget not only where you have been, but also where you are going.

Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way......(author: Waheguru Pramatma)

Raaj Karega Khalsa

Harjinder S Kukreja

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Guest Javanmard

Hisbut Tahrir, al Muhajiroun, the Khalifa movement and the AHmadiyas are A REAL BUNGE OF (edited) . People out there beware: they are very very well organised. at the same time I certainly would not put all Muslims in the same basket and certainly not Shias who have to suffer because of thos Wahabi (edited). If our people knew their Sikhi properly and had a good knowedge of other religions we wouldn't need to have this conversation. These at my uni hate my guts because I openly challenge them. I think a good solution is also: alliance with the SHias. we have got so many commonalities with them that together we would be stronger against those Wahabi (edited). laanat on them :evil: :evil:

Moderator Note: Please refrain from using words such as those that have edited out. Thanks.

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Why is sikhi suffering so much? because we have lost the Nihung tradition, refer to the Nihang Nihal Singh thread. We should have unity with Hindus. infact Hindus are not so worse as Muslims as are.. not all of them ofcourse.... but these 10 reasons are dangerous ! we need to protect our sikh girls.

I have found many sikh girls.... getting very very attracted to muslim boys becoz of there false charms and plays , tricks. Such sikhs girls are usuallyt he ones that dont have strong faith in there religion or dont like the idea of keeping hair and wanna be modern type of girls. I know one such girl also here !

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***sighs***... ok lets see ..everything runs under akaaaaaaaaaaaal's hakum... vahegurooo doesnt belong to us only... but to every being on the earth......however i agree we need to educate our sikh girls about sikhi and enrich sikh history but on the other hand we shouldnt be worried about this too much because of 2 primary reasons----

1. Its in their Karma... karma written by vaheguroo itself...in my life after death research ..i have came across with reincarnation cases were people often born in different relegions as they reborn after their life on the earth.....

Two real life examples---

First of an two amritdhari sikh women living in england who had converted to islam for some reason...that is again its the karma...good/bad karma you decide... In my opnion bad karma...because i seriously dont believe in islam except sufism...sufis that have this obebesion of meeting allah/vaheguroo.... which mainstream islam thinks its an cult....As weird it may sound...sufism does have reincarnation beleif among themselves.....also sufism have very strong beleif in having murshad which literally means "If you wish to meet allah, meet someone who already met allah"......having murshad concept its quite commonly alinged with what sikhs beleif....

Second example... is of an suleman(Muslim Pir) who has suffered 1000 years as an evil jaun...begging dhramraj so that he can born as an sikh....

As you can see from first and second examples... how these cases are interlated...main thing comes in my mind is "Laws of Karma"

2. Sikhi is an direct link to vaheguroo sahiban... infact all the eastern relegions are....western relegions and culture gettin exposed to concepts like recincarnation and karma ... beleive it or not... these two big concepts are even started getting offered in university and colleges....

I have no personal queers with western relegions except they got weird beleifs like ...gettin 72 virgins(hoora) in jaanat(heaven) performing....also like when judgement day comes all the dead bodies of muslim will arise from the graveyard... that just puts me off...

They can easily proven wrong...in fact they are by theologist, meta-pshycist , pschyologist..by books of laws of karma and reincarnation....

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neo - what is wahegurus hukam is that such bad things happen and other people wake up and do something?

by ur reasoning what happens let it happen because its hukam

but it is also hukam that we inturn do something and try to stop these things.... so really when u say "its hukam" ur denying the fact that it might be hukam for us to make a change....

hmmmm..... im confused now :LOL:

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neo - what is wahegurus hukam is that such bad things happen and other people wake up and do something?

by ur reasoning what happens let it happen because its hukam

but it is also hukam that we inturn do something and try to stop these things.... so really when u say "its hukam" ur denying the fact that it might be hukam for us to make a change....

hmmmm..... im confused now :LOL:

i never said whatever happening to sikh girls... let it go..let it float...

i said:

i agree we need to educate our sikh girls about sikhi and enrich sikh history but on the other hand we shouldnt be worried about this too much
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Missionary faiths all question our faith b4 dey wanna convert us, i had personal experenices. If we dont hav answers 2 der questions der ganna say sikhi is false, and say our Gurus' has teached us nothing bout God.

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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

Thats a fair point but don't we have enough faith in our Sikhi that even if someone questions us, and we don't have the answers we can still walk away confident with our religion.

Just because people say some things to you that make you think and scare you because you don't have some answers should not be enough to make anyone want to convert. No one knows what these people may throw at you, you need to be confident in YOUR Sikhi, no one has the answer to everything they may want to ask you. If they say Sikhi is false and that Guru Sahibs have taught us nothing then wow, but thats not going to make me want to convert even though I know next to nothing about their religion.

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This is about the life of a Sikh Girl which was ruined. Her life was ruined whed she was allured by the love of a muslim boy who pretended to love her so that he can convert her.The Muslim boy, Farooq succeeded and shattered is the Sikh Girl.May Baba Ji Bless her and be with her. Lets hear from her what her life is like and what message does she want to convey to our Sikh Sisters !!

Regrets.... I Have Many

Life in leafy Edgbaston was cosy, routine and without much bother,

Mummy and daddy where professional middle class,

I was at college study for my A levels,

I was shy and obedient but I wasn't content,

I longed for excitement,

I wanted to live the world,

I wanted to be as bold as brass and that was my intent.

At college one day, a lad approached me, as he towards me,

I could see from afar around his neck, he wore the moon and stars around his neck.

He was very persistent and sweet,

Told me I was beautiful from my head down to my feet.

In my innocence by this tender words I was fooled,

This Muslim boy loved me.

And the love for my own family cooled.

My stupidity lead me to follow western trends,

I allowed him to become my boyfriend,

He had me under his hypnotic spell,

What I was going to do next nobody could tell,

I moved from Edgbaston to Sparkbrook.

I longed to be with my one and only Farooq.

My life was to change completely,

Long gone where the afternoon tea parties with the ladies,

Long gone where my Mummy's BMW and Daddy's Mercedes,

I was soon getting on and off buses and trams,

As I struggled with a variety of prams,

I was his sweetheart no more,

Instead I had become his common whore.

From Edgbaston to Sparkbrook and then to living hell

That is Pakistan,

A distant memory now, but please believe me,

I had once stood shoulder to shoulder with my dear dad

and demanded khalistan.

Oh God

What have I done?

What has happened to me?

What have I become?

As I lay awake at night

There is nobody to even hear me cry,

My thoughts are unanswered, questions are my only escape,

Somebody, anybody! Please tell me?

Will I ever stand in the warmth of my kitchen again?

Will I ever feel the hug of dear Daddy's strong arms?

Will my brothers ever fight and play and argue with me again?

Will I be there when my Mummy and Daddy grow old?

When my brother gets married will I be there to put the kalgi on his pagh?

Will I ever again experience the sweet nectar that is Gurbani?

Will I ever share langar again?

Now there are no answers, only questions.

I have sown the seed of my own despair,

My life is in ruins, which nobody can repair,

My innocence, foolishness, kismet on me all have cheated,

I desperately want my previous boring life,

But I fear I am living in false hope,

In my heart of hearts I know that can never be repeated.

As I write these word in the unforgiving Pakistani heat,

Streams of sweat and tears run down my face,

I realise for me it is now too late,

Life has dealt me a cruel fate,

My living hell on my own I have to endure,

But I plead with my Sikh sisters that you make sure

Don't be fooled by his looks and false allure.

Stay in the warmth of Sikh religion,

Maintain your family values,

Enjoy its rich culture, but unlike me don't abuse its social freedom,

Ignore my advice at your peril,

But I beg you to take, a good long hard look at me,

A pitiful shambles I'm sure you will agree,

Happiness or even hope, I haven't any,

But regrets.............

I have many

Harjyot kaur (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

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Guest Javanmard

maybe if SInghs were a bit more classy and attractive and charming and cultured our girls would not need to go elsewhere!!!

I mean just take a look at most "born again" SInghs, they go around in lowzy sportswear with some kind of gangsta rap estetics to them, tie shabby turbans and blame the girls if they don't find them attractive. Of course not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JJJ's idea of uniting with the HIndus is honestly pure non-sense. Remember 1984 how we got stabbed in the back by our "HIndu brothers".

yes we should keep the puratan maryada of the Nihangs but smashing the heads of Sunnis will be of no help.

try to be a bit more stilly, have more manners, be more of a gentleman, speak a few languages and be a connaisseur of fine art and music and the girls will surely find you more attractive. :wink:

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i dnt think they do pageee.... most of the SInghs i know dress well.


u know i heard that some Amritdhari gals and guys sleep around with each other b4 marriage and justify it by saying "well their Amritdhari so its aiight....."


i see u point howevaaaaaa.....

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Guest Javanmard

I find it quite surprising that the intimate life of amritdharis is the worry of so many people on this forum.

WHY DON'T YOU ALL GET A LIFE :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

I mean there are more serious issues regarding the Panth than people's individual sex life. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

we have a self acclaimed corrupt leadership that since the 1920s has done nothing but destroying the Panth from inside and all people worry about here is other people's pre-marital sex?!?!?!??!?!?!? :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling:

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I find it quite surprising that the intimate life of amritdharis is the worry of so many people on this forum.

WHY DON'T YOU ALL GET A LIFE :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

I mean there are more serious issues regarding the Panth than people's individual sex life. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

we have a self acclaimed corrupt leadership that since the 1920s has done nothing but destroying the Panth from inside and all people worry about here is other people's pre-marital sex?!?!?!??!?!?!? :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling: :bling:

Apna sir nai paanee jaah :shock: :shock: :shock: :P

Tera shaadi kaarana haalai! :LOL:



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excuse me if this sounds immature but...

fine then - i wnt say nuttin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe u shud write a list of rulez and regulations, your own peresonal preferance, and add them on the page!!!!!

I find it quite surprising that the intimate life of amritdharis is the worry of so many people on this forum.

i find it more shocking actuall cus ive neva heard of stuff like that b4. Well what can i say - its news 2 me!!! And no i dnt worry about it!!!!!


whatever you say pageeee!!!!!!!

I mean there are more serious issues regarding the Panth than people's individual sex life.

thats true - fantastic... but u know what i was merley stating what i had head - no need to bite ma head off sir.

we have a self acclaimed corrupt leadership that since the 1920s has done nothing but destroying the Panth from inside and all people worry about here is other people's pre-marital sex?!?!?!??!?!?!?

actually yor wrong - no i dont think thats the only concern in the Panth actually!!!!!! you ambiguous comments are out of line. i said one liccle thing and your brewing!!!

i think your statements are quite sweeping and general about a lot of other ppl - dnt attack me because i dont represent these ppl if thats what u think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if i sound harsh -

God bless ya!!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...


sikhism gives lot of respect and freedon to its women ..its for them to realise what they will loose if marry a muslim...they have a choice and when they make a choice its for them to bear the consequences good or bad...

its like educating people not to cut hair and keep turbans but people end trimming the beard. so what good does it do .

we can educate our brothers and sisters about the reliegon but its hard for them to appreciate what they have got until they loose it ....

today's sikh have very few examples to follow they have seen their parents live the life in duality of sikhism and castiesm. people demanding khalistan without knowing what khalsa is .

i hope and pray that guru maharaj will guide us thru these times and help us overcome these self diminishing attitudes...

wjkk wjkf

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