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Bring out The Sikh Faith in Broad Daylight !

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Bring out the Sikh faith in broad daylight

Are we proud to be Sikhs ? If yes then why don’t we consider our rich heritage a part of our monotonous life ? Why do we not greet our beloved ones by Sat Sri Akal, Gurfateh , Guru ang Sang ,Wahe Guru Ji da Khalsa ; Wahe Guru Ji di Fateh, or Bole So Nihal – Sat Sri Akal . Why do we influenced so deeply by other people ? Our conviction should be unimaginably deep. We should follow the Sikh way of life to the best of our capability and always work on enhancing our caliber to be true Saint-Soldiers.

None can emulate the Sikh way of life. Why can’t we be the trend-setters ? We the followers of Nanak, the descendants of Gobind are worthy of to set the fashion prevailing globally. We Sikhs can build castles in the air by disseminating the message the Sikh faith has in store. It is a matter of utmost disgust that we have not been able to prove worthy of being the true sons of Guru Gobind .The mighty Guru considered his every Sikh as 125000 (Sava Lakh). We have not been able to make our presence be felt on a large scale. Even today in many parts of the U.S people are not aware of Sikhism and the brotherhood it has in store. Are 26000000 of us unworthy of creating awareness about the Sikh faith? The foremost thing is that we must unite for this purpose. We cannot create awareness among people by giving speeches or by distributing free literature.

The need of the hour is that we should become sportsmen or actors , Chief Election Commisioners or Chief of Army Staffs, Judges or Body Builders, Software Engineers or Pilots and scatter ourselves around the world. When people will see us at high posts with turbans on our heads and unshorn beards they shall at first be stunned and their desire to know more about us shall know no bounds. We need be in the Headlines for good purposes with our turban intact to create awareness amongst people of all nations in the world. Let us revitalise the Panth and gear up for 2004 – 400 yrs. of the first Prakash of the Adi Granth Sahib !!

Guru ang Sang

Harjinder S Kukreja

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