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Sikh Women Command Equal Respect !

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Women in Sikhism command equal respect

The Sikh faith was born to set the clock of humanity in order. The Sikhs have disseminated themselves throughout the globe and have scattered the message the Sikh faith has in store but a lot more has to be accomplished.

It is a matter of utmost disgust that the Sikh faith, the future for mankind has violated the plan of the Guru in many ways. The worst thing is that we do not consider our women worthy to emulate us. For seva in the Golden Gurudwara and innumerable other aspects we consider our women unworthy to emulate men. Let us unshackle the faith by empowering our women.

“Of woman are we born, of woman concieved,

to woman engaged, to women married.

Woman we befriend, by woman civilization continued.

When woman dies, woman sought for.

It is by woman that order maintained.

Then why call her evil from whom great men are born ?

From woman is woman born,

And without woman no one would exist.

The eternal Lord is the only one, O Nanak,

Who depends not on woman.

Guru Granth Sahib

Asa, p.473


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