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Dear Guru Nanak !!(POEM)

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Guru Nanak is in the Stars and Skies,

Guru Nanak's love light never dies.

Guru Nanak's in the Rivers and Seas,

Guru Nanak's in the Grass and Trees.

Guru Nanak hears each being's cries,

Guru Nanak's love light never dies.

Guru Nanak's in the desert and dune,

Guru Nanak's the Gurbani tune.

Guru Nanak's in the Sun and Moon,

Guru Nanak's with me night and noon.

Guru Nanak's in my heart and soul,

Guru Nanak's vision is my greatest goal.

Guru Nanak's Naam is in every breath,

Guru Nanak's Amrit destroys death.

Guru Nanak's hand is above my hair,

Guru Nanak protects me everywhere.

Guru Nanak's in each beating heart,

Guru Nanak's the dawn after dark.

Guru Nanak's the light of my life,

Guru Nanak's my Father higher than high.

Guru Nanak is Guru Granth Sahib jee,

Guru Nanak's in our lives eternally.

Guru Nanak is my very best friend,

I bow to Guru Nanak again and again !!

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