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The futurelies within the Youth !!

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The Future Lies Within the Youth-2

His Eminence, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of our faith, gave us a simple

formula for a successful and fulfilling life. Naam Japna (the constant

remembrance of god), Vand Kai Chakna (sharing ones earnings with the needy)


Dharm di Kirt Karni (living an honest and god centered life). A closer


of these fundamentals of Sikhi reveals 3 very important principles that


be enshrined in the heart of every Sikh. Humility, Peace and Love. As


Sikhs of the Guru, it is our duty to abide by these simple principles so


we may serve as role models for the rest of society. However, before we can

serve as effective role models, we must look at ourselves and question


our actions are in accordance with what our Gurus intended.

Unfortunately, I have to say that the answer is NO. We have become so

self-centered that our personal image has taken precedent over the image of


Guru. We have become so sidetracked that petty politics and minor issues


than the name of God, constantly occupy our thoughts. It is unfortunate

that we

have become emblems of ideology that defies the very fundamentals of Sikhi.

We are controlled by ego and blinded by anger.

We are controlled by ego and blinded by anger.

Our ego is the main obstacle that prevents us from being united. Our anger,

which functions solely to breed hatred, not only draws us further apart


each other but also further apart from our Guru. Let us contemplate on the

state of the Sikh Youth today. Do you feel we are united? Can we say that


speak with one unified voice? I think not. Instead we have become diseased


the same problems that have been plaguing our parents generation. Greed,

obsession with power, ego, hatred. It is a common complaint of Sikh youth


that we are excluded from community affairs and that we are not shown


respect. How can we demand respect when we are not unified? With unity,


would be given to us, we would not need to demand it.

Unfortunately, the unity I speak of, is nothing but a farfetched ideal.


our parents, we have divided ourselves into different factions, each


superiority over the others. We now affiliate ourselves with a particular

faction, not with the ideals of Sikhi. Furthermore, we have become quite

elitist in nature. "If you do not belong to my group, you are not a true


This is the type of mentality that is prevailing amongst us today. The


welcomed everyone with open arms, we approach each other with closed minds.


great Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji sacrificed his life for another faith. We


not sacrifice our egos for the success of our own. Are we in such a sad


that we actually feel that belonging to the supreme body of the Khalsa is


longer good enough? If the Khalsa is the embodiment of purity and ultimate

truth, how can divisions between us exist? Since such divisions do exist,

it is

clear that we are not living lives of truth, lives of purity. Do you


the magnitude of the insult our atrocious behavior is to the ideals of the

great Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji who sacrificed thousands of his Sikhs to


the survival of the Khalsa?

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