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Letter from Nehru and telegram from Gandhi to S Kharak Singh

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Taken from The Akali Movement by Mohinder Singh

M.K.Gandhi was immensely impressed by

the couargeous and gutsy deeds of

the Akalis(1920-1925).Hypnotized by the

selfless and patriotic Akalis and

after hearing about their triumph over

the aliens,Britishers,Mahatma Gandhi

was compelled by his innerself to telagraph

Baba Kharak Singh.The telegram read,"First

decisive victory of the forces of nationalism".

Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru wrote the following

letter to the eminent Sikh leader,

Baba Kharak Singh after the triumph

of the Sikhs over the Imperial

Government(Britishers)in the Akali

movement.Approx.40,000 Sikhs were

jailed and 7,000 were slain.


Central Jail,


I rejoice that I am being tried for

a purpose the Sikhs have made their

own.I was in the jail when the

Guru Ka Bagh struggle was gallantly

fought and won by the Sikhs. I

marvelled at the courage and

sacrifice of the Akalis and wished

that I could be given an oppurtunity

of showing my deep admiration of them

by some form of service.The Sikhs are

the finest soldiers of the nation.

I earnestly hope that I shall prove

worthy of their high tradition and

fine courage blended with compassion.

Sat Sri Akal

Jawaharlal Nehru

25 September,1923





Yours affectionately,

Harjinder Singh Kukreja.

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