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Sau Sakhi.....

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Just wondering does any 1 on this forum read sau sakhi written by guru gobind singh ji maharaj ???

I heard its quite a big gootka about 400-500 pannaiz and has loads of predictions???? :shock: :shock: and also talks about khalsa raj??? :D

any scholars here can enlighten in this subject? :?

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I have managed to get the link

here http://www.snsm.org.my/library/articles/predict.htm

Sikh Predictions: Jand & Pipal Tree

This is a story of Guru Gobind Singh which happened in the year 1704 and was recorded in 1714 or 1715 in a small book called Sakhi Pothi written by a Udasee Sikh. Not much is known about the writer. The Sakhi Pothi records Guru Gobind Singh's travels. Attar Singh translated the manuscript, "Sakhi Pothi" and presented it to Queen Victoria when he was invited to a ceremony to solemnise her sovereignty over Punjab.

When she read the story, two paragraphs caught her attention. The story goes like this:

Guru Gobind Singh was travelling through a district of East Punjab. His next stop was a village, Soheva, where he camped for a night. Beside Guru Gobind Singh's tent was a large Jand tree. He told a Sikh to climb up the tree and look for a Pipal (Brahminic Fig) sapling within the Jand tree. He found it in the cleft of the Jand tree.

Guru Gobind Singh said, "This Pipal tree will grow into a large tree, though it does not grow in desert areas. It will grow as big as the Jand tree itself. It will spread over the whole tree. This is the time when my Khalsa will spread into the four corners of the world and the sovereignty of Delhi will the first prize which will fall into their laps. When the Pipal tree will spread over the Jand tree, then the spirit of the order of the Khalsa, which I have enshrined under the command of God Almighty shall start to work to set up a world-society, which will last for five thousand years. That divine society will enjoy peace and affluence."

Queen Victoria on reading this, knowing there was something mystical behind the invincibility of the Sikh soldiers wrote to the Governor-General at Calcutta, "Please go and find out the village Soheva, and see if there is a Pipal tree growing in a Jand tree. Please report the size of Pipal and Jand tree." The reply came in two or three months, "Yes, it is there. It is about four and half yards and the Jand tree is such a height.

The she referred the matter to the Royal Botanical Professor, who informed her, "Your Majesty, the Pipal trees grows very slowly and it will take the Pipal saplings at least one hundred years to grow to the height." Her Majesty's mind was at rest and she slept without any mental disturbance that night because as far as she is concerned, one hundred years of uninterrupted British rule in India, guaranteed by the slow rate of growth of Pipal tree.

Note: Soheva is a village in the old Bikaner state, which is now part of Rajasthan. Its Tehsil is Rini and district is Churu. It is situated at 25 kos from Rajgarh station and 30 kos from Sirsa. The people often called it "Saha".

The late Kapur Singh writes:

During those days I was a British Officer in one of the districts of the Punjab - about sixty miles from Soheva. I was aware of this story and the official report sent from India in 1858. In 1942 I made arrangements to travel on horseback to see this tree. It was about two and half yards lower than the highrest pinnacle of the Jand tree.

Since 1942 I have not been there, but now I am told that the Sikhs who were expelled from Pakistan areas have settled in those arid areas and have raised in that place a magnificent Gurdwara. The late Kapur Singh passed away in 1986.

A student of folklore who visited the place in August 1990 writes:

I stayed there for two nights. It is very difficult to see any visible Jand in the outgrown Pipal tree. During my discussion with the sadhu, I found a number of interesting things. He told me, "There still exists a small branch of JAnd about nine inches in size. It will be eaten up by the Pipal tree by the turn of the century. The 300th anniversary of the birth of the Khalsa in 1999 will be the turning point in the Sikh destiny.

Extracted and adapted from Sikh Predictions by Surindar Singh Kohli

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i managed to get more sikhi prophecies..here

source: nihang.net

While Guru Nanak was in Mecca and Medina, Qazi Rukan Din asked, ‘True King, tell us your prophecy again. Tell us how you will unfold the future’.

Your name is Nanak Nirankari and you are from the Nation of the Lord. What are the instructions for the future?

Nanak replied Rukan Din, ‘listen to the true answer’

Whosoever reads or listens to this shall be content. All doubts shall be removed.

In the tenth dress shall reside The Lord.

I shall fight many battles against Emperor Aurangzeb.

I shall then send a letter of victory (Zafarnamah) to Aurangzeb with my Singh (Bhai Daya Singh).

Upon seeing him, Power shall lessen and he shall forget his devious ways.

Emperor Aurangzeb will be overwhelmed by the sight of Daya Singh and will start to tremble.

‘The Khalsa been resurrected! Good has not been done by Gobind Singh!’

I shall vanish (from sight) having given a kingdom; My name being Gobind

There will be a time when the Khalsa shall forget the teachings I have given them. Sikhi will only be left in name. Many Wars shall occur.

cwr vrn iek rUp kr dyK krUM mYN swj]

I will have to return again to resurrect the Khalsa. They shall reside in the Punjab.

I shall make people from all four corners into one.

They will be in Majjha; They will raid Lahore.

They will bring Potohaar to justice; They will take Peshawar.

They will set up a cantonment at Attock and then open the Khyber Pass.

They will establish a kingdom in Kabul and then take Ghazni.

After bringing Hazaara to justice they will march on to Kandahar.

After taking Balack and Buckaara, they will conquer Sindh and Baloch.

After gaining victory over these lands they shall govern all the people.

Mecca, Medina and Rome shall tremble.

They shall gain victory in battle over south and west India.

The Guru’s Army shall sit at the throne of Delhi.

Umbrellas of kingship shall sway over their heads. All shall be content.

From East to West all shall be conquered. None shall challenge the Khalsa. All humanity shall become one.

In the kingdom of the True King, Satjug shall be established.

The Khalsa Panth shall rule. The arrows of death shall not touch them.

The Army of the Timeless shall grow and spread like locusts.

All shall wear vestments of blue; no one else shall be seen.

Listen Qazi Rukan Din, ‘The Singhs shall rule’.

The Unholy Sheikhs shall be destroyed. Pirs and Mureeds shall be no more.

All shall recite the one name of the Lord. Then he shall come himself.

The untrue shall not be able to see his glory.

All humanity shall unite and he will distribute provinces.

The Earth shall give food and the mountains shall give diamonds.

Fruits of many kinds there shall be, upon the sight of the timeless.

All shall recite VAHEGURU and achieve salvation.

Many Dharamsalas (places of discussion) shall exist. The Koran and the Mosques shall vanish.

The Lord shall manifest himself in body (as man).

He will make all utter VAHEGURU. All Singhs shall flock under his banner.

All shall know him as the True One. He will sit at the throne of Delhi.

He will establish a kingdom of peace and no enemies will remain.

Wherever the Khalsa turns his eye, the 14 realms shall tremble.

For 14,000 years, this kingdom shall remain.

Wealth will be collected and food shall be distributed.

The naked and the starving shall all receive; no one will go without.

Sayeth Nanak, ‘Rukan Din, This is how it shall be’.

Whosoever reads the Karni Namah, his love with The Lord shall grow.

The Word of the Timeless shall prevail. Those uttering falsehood shall not remain.

After the effect of The Akaal, forests, mountains and the world shall see salvation.

The Khalsa shall Rule. There will be no-one left to oppose them.

All who are lost shall gain the safety of the Khalsa

-- ------------------------------

Raj Nama

Spoken by the First Master

First, Nanak went to Mecca;

Medina he afterwards visited.

The lord of Mecca and Medina,

Kaarun, he made his disciple.

When Nanak was about to depart,

Kaarun, the fortunate, thus spoke:

Now thou art about to go,

But when wilt thou return?

Then the Guru thus answered:

When I put on my tenth dress

I shall be called Gobind Singh;

Then shall all Singhs wear their hair;

They shall accept the ‘Pahal’ of the two-edged Sword

Then shall the Khalsa be established;

Then shall men exclaim ‘Vaheguru’

The four races shall become one and the same;

The five weapons shall be worn by all.

In Kalyug they shall array themselves in vestments of blue;

The name of the Khalsa shall be everywhere.

In the time of Aurangzeb

The wondrous Khalsa shall arise.

Then shall battles be waged,

Endless war shall ensue,

And fighting shall follow year after year.

They shall place the name of Gobind Singh in their hearts.

When many heads shall be rendered up,

The Empire of the Khalsa shall prevail.

First, they shall conquer Punjab;

Then other countries shall be theirs;

Hindustan and the North shall be possessed by them;

Then the west shall bow to them.

When they enter Khorasan,

Kabul and Kandahar shall lie low.

When Iran has been laid prostrate,

Arabia shall be conquered and they shall march on to Mecca.

Mecca shall be beheld,

And Medina shall be seized.

Mighty shall be the rejoicing,

And all shall exclaim ‘Vaheguru’.

Unbelievers shall everywhere be destroyed;

The holy Khalsa shall be exalted.

Beasts and Birds shall tremble in the presence of the Lord.

Men and Women shall everywhere call on God.

The Earth, the Oceans and the Heavens shall call on God.

By calling on the Guru shall men be blessed.

Every faith shall become of the Khalsa;

No other religion will remain.

‘Vaheguru’ shall everywhere be repeated,

And pain and trouble shall depart.

In the Kalyug shall the Kingdom be established,

Which Nanak received from the Lord.

Worthless, I fall before God;

Nanak, the slave, cannot comprehend the ways of the Lord.

Thus replied Nanak to Kaarun’s question.

]bolo vwihgurU jI]

Utter Vaheguru Ji

The Karni Namah and the Raj Namah are two significant chapters of the Sau Sakhi, the Sikh book of prophecy. The Raj Namah appears in, The History Of The Sikhs, by J D Cunningham on p. 340. Cunningham came across this document during the mid 19th century. He states that these “compositions are of course fabulous as regards Nanak, and appear to be the compositions of the commencement or middle of the last century”.

The Karni Namah was told to Qazi Rukan Din, Pir Bahaoud Din, Ghous, Kuthab, Saalaar, Hajji, Sheikh and Mushaikh Aulviya, who sat with Guru Nanak at religious discussions. The Raj Namah was told to Kaarun, the Emperor of Rome, on Guru Nanak’s return from medina.

These prophecies were in the Old Janam Sakhi’s written by Bhai Bala, who accompanied Guru Nanak on his travels. However, the British removed them.

‘Raaj Karega Khalsa Aaki Rahai Na Koe.

Khuaar Hoe Sab Milengai Bachai Sharan Jo Hoe’.

This is said by the Sikhs in their daily Ardas. As it can be seen, the Karni Nama is the only source of these words.


The coming of Nanak was prophesised thousands of years before his arrival. These prophecies are explicitly detailed in the Vedas and the Puranas, which are amongst the oldest scriptures on Earth.

Whilst at Mecca and Medina, Guru Nanak unfolded futuristic events in the Karni Nama and the Raj Nama. He clearly states that he will have to return to ressurect the Khalsa.

Prophets of the world have all established their religions. Each religion was a requirement of its age, which the prophet was sent to fulfil. The way of the Khalsa is the requirement in the age of Kaljug. It is the tool necessary to defeat Kaljug and establish the kingdom of Satjug.

Presently, the Khalsa appears to be in a state of dormancy. What is required for the Great Guru to show himself? What conditions are required, i.e., how much more of a decline of humanity is required?

Is this decline necessary? What can we do, as Khalsa, to stop this decline from occurring?

What we are currently doing is OBVIOUSLY not working!!!

Guru Ghar Da Nimmana Kutha

Akali Sirh-Morr Singh

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Also guru gobind singh jee is supposed to come back.. .. he is supposed to appear in harimandir sahib when a person is stopped from praying.. he will cry out to god n ask for help... gurujee will appear.. from one side of the darbar sahib... cant remember which one.. his arms are meant to me down to his knees .. his horse will appear before him.. (but im not too sure abt that one)

muslims were given 2000 yrs to rule the world.. n their reign jus ended last yr (called kiamat)..

before he appears the thrid world war will start.. it will be started by muslims fighting muslims... a bloody battle is supposed to take place.. these ppl will ake over almost the whole world.. until gurujee appears.. he will bring back with him millions n millions of shaheed singhs.. his army will be seen for miles upon miles.. nobody else can fight this war.. the horses n elephants will all be chardikala souls.. no one will be able to kill them because well (duh they are shaheed singhs innit).. n the war will end at the lal kila.. the nishan sahib will go up there at the red fort..

the parkarma of the harimandir sahib will stretch as far as the outskirts of punjab ... there will be peace again n khalsa will rule.. there will even be gold lying on the parkarma in tonnes and no one will take it.. god himself will come to bathe in the sarovar.. vaheguru..

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moderator, you worte about something quite magical, can i get a source about this war and the guy who predicted such events.

source is nihang.net

and if you wish to get the whole prediction

you can get this book


This author spent all his life 60 yrs on sau sakhi itself... very expereinced man indeed..

you can purchase this book from any sikh library ..or if u cant find from forgein land than you can surely get it in punjab...

vaheguroooooooooooooooooooo.. akaaaaaaaaaaaal he aaakaaal :D

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Just been reading the above quotes and messages.

1. As we all know the Americans are the world power at the moment, followed by other aligned western states. The muslims have no arsenal or army which even bothers the west. In the middle east israel is the dominant force and could easily fight the whole of the middle east on its own. How on earth could they possibly start a 3rd world world?

Pakistan has the counter balance of india if it tried begining something. Its one thing to shoot a few bullets in kashmir but to start a war? and they would never even contemplate trying to invade punjab!

please dont think im being clever here but what i just read dosent seem to add up? im no expert on sikh history or our gurus etc. but this all seems very weak. why would the guru need to bring with him millions of shaeed singhs etc. when one singh/khalsa can fight a hundred thousand men, and if his appearance on earth is required to awake the dormant khalsa then would he not be able to recruit his army for what we have here on earth?

our guru is already here before us we see him everytime we visit the gurdwara but is our own blindedness that prevents us from obtaining the fruits of his wisdom.

to me these stories seem like a clever plot or ploy by someone to keep us subdued and let us rot and wait for a saviour! are saviour is already here!

waheguru resides in us all! if guru-ji wanted, one glance of his grace upon just one soul in this world could imbue such power that the world would quiver from its very core!

today we are in an age of technological advancements the seat of world power etc. does not reside in india but in the halls of buildings adorned with the stars and stripes!

and i find it hard to accept or believe that our gurus sat around and gave predications such as these........this was not there philosophy.....this sounds more brahminism than sikhism......

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Guest BikramjitSingh

My views are similar to Guy's

As far as I know there have only ever been two VERIFIABLE predictions in Sikhism.

1. Guru Nanak states in the Babur Vani that the Mughals who had just invaded India ( 1521 ) would lose their power in 1540.

Aavan ath-tarai jaan sataanvai hor bhee uthsee marad kaa chaylaa

Coming in seventy-eight (1521 A.D.), they will depart in ninety-seven (1540 A.D.), and then another disciple of man will rise up.

SGGS page 723

This is an allusion to the fact that Himayun the son of Babur lost his throne to Sher Shah and was a refugee for many years in Persia.

2. Raj Karega Khalsa Aki Rahe Na Koi

This is from the Tankahnama of Bhai Nand Lal who was a poet and follower in Guru Gobind Singh's court.

Apart from these all other supposed predictions are works of fiction from the 18th Century. The Sau sakhi has been fiddled with so much that it is impossible to know if any of it is the composition of Guru Gobind Singh. I doubt it is since it is not in the Dasam Granth. The Sau Sakhi was added to by the Kukas to try and prove that their leader Baba Ram Singh was Guru Gobind Singh and that he would throw the British out of Punjab and set up Khalsa rule. In fact the Kukas still believe that Baba Ram Singh is alive and yet to appear even though the British have left Punjab and we have a much darker complexion of rulers. Sau Sakhis with more detailed predictions came out during Maharaja Dalip Singh's attempt to get the Punjab back from the British.

Ths Sau Sakhi was also added to during 1947 when it predicted that the Sikhs would get their rule in Punjab.

Guy hits the nail on the head when he says that the Guru is with us, how can Guru Gobind Singh return when he never left his Khalsa. If anything the Khalsa submittal to the rule of first the British and then the Hindus, it is the Khalsa who left Guru Gobind Singh and it is the Khalsa which needs to return to Guru Gobind Singh and not the other way round.

Sikhism is totally the opposite of other religions when it comes to waiting for a Messiah or a Mahdi or any other divine being. Look at the mess other religions have got into when they considered the only way to change their lot is through waiting for a Messiah.

The Jews had a string of imposters claiming to the Messiah and each and every time all their Messiahs did was leave them in a worst position then when he arrived. Lakhs of Jews were killed when they revolted against the Romans under these false Messiahs but none of them liberated the Jews. It took the Jews 2000 years and the gas chambers to realise that they needed to rely on themselves if they were to change their destiny.

In Islam you get the Mahdi and the last two were the in Sudan and India. The Sudanese one revolted against the British and his country was enslaved for 70 years, the Indian one set up a new Muslim sect of Ahmedis. His followers are today violently oppressed and killed in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

Waiting patiently for a divine deliverer is a mark of an oppressed people who have lost all confidence that they can better their situation by themselves. The rulers of these oppressed people use everything in their power to keep the people believing that their freedom relies on divine help. They know that even if some imposter rears his head the rulers can unleash such a bloodbath that the people will sink into another century of sullen existence. If no imposter appears they can always choose a few traitors and bring about the same effect.

Such is the situation in Punjab, if you replace the words 'oppressed people' with the word 'Sikhs' then the above passage would be an apt description of the Sikh situation in India. Replace the word 'imposters' with the word Akalis and you get a more fuller description. How many times have the Badals and Tohras declared that the 'Panth is in danger' and how many young Sikhs have given their lives believing that they were being led by leaders who were sincere about changing the political situation of the Panth ?. How many Sikh hearts sank when the same leaders took power and continued the same policies as before ?.

The Sikhs have lost so much heart that in 1996 the prediction about the Mughals in the Babur Vani was used by a mischevious baba in order to promote his 'babadom'. In 1996 there was hundreds of videos selling like hot cakes in which this baba made predictions about the future. Apparently there was going to be a great invasion of Punjab in 1997 from Afghanistan and a lot of Sikhs were going to be killed because the invaders would kill any Keshdahri who they came across. A great way to promote the keeping of Kesh !. The baba used the words from Guru Nanak's composition ' sataanvai' to mean 1997 (whereas it just means 97) and that was going to be the year of the invasion. The baba was obviously not intelligent enough to know that Guru Nanak was using the Bikrami Samvat date which is 57 years ahead of the AD dates. So when Guru Nanak referred to 97 ( 1597 ) he meant 1540AD. The success of this baba shows how gullible Sikhs have become.

The Irony is that Sikhs refused to follow Sant Bhindranwale, the only sincere leader that could have changed the Sikh situation in India when he was alive and now after his martyrdom we are looking for divine deliverers when there is no basis for this in Sikhism.


Bikramjit Singh

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i used to love qouting from sau sakhis, believeing in what they sed, as it appeared "things wud get worse before they get betta" seeking an answer to the probs in sikhs.. its only recently ive questioned myself now im like wat was i on??

eg, looking at the state of things we can make predictions rite here n now, the early day sikhs may have been top noch peeps in dharm, but in 1800s u may have had da bad apples wid da panjabi raj, its not too hard to predict then if dharm is decreasing in people, eventually they will become religionless, chilled out lak of values no barriers when choosing their partners, ie girls wid muslims quoted in 1 sakhi, and sikh guys with goris with no shame in another..

the 10 gurus taught us not to believe in precitions, yet i still did when i was swayed by sau sakhis now ive asked myself y wud guru have told us not to?? if u look at hindus they suffered for 1000s years of loss, torture, anguish at the moghuls mercy, their confidence was gone, they were left resigned to their fate... now lookin at da panjabi raj how hard is it to predict it wud have fell once maharaja ranjit singh went when no preperations were made to carry it on??? n were khalsas increasing or decreasing at that point? wudnt that mean cunning external powers move in creating subjects out of sikhs?? then wudnt we then become resigned to our fates when we suffer hardships as sikhs wud have been at the forefront of struggles hence the most likely targets?? water shortages, starvation, disease were perpetrated by the invading aryans on the dravidians in ancient times , its nothing new happened 5000 years bc, so if u got thse power monopoly holders dont u think it cud be done again very easily? but added into writings that appear religious yet saying yes it will happen but the end an avtar will come to sort it out?? so what happens to the reader? hes sitting there waiting after goin through hell? then saying its our karm?

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hindus have been waiting for a neklanki avtar that was predicted in their books when the moghuls came, they lost summit like 10s of millions of hindus in the process, their land, human rights, women, culture, language.. now look at asia the whole composition has changed..

sau sakhis also mention a bhai ude singh coming again, but again if sikhs r predicted to come under foreign rule under the prevailing circumstances of 1800s anyway then that wud mean at some point the sikhs and rulers wud clash as sikhs upheld dharm which wud mean if sikhs were targetted with genocides or indirect methods, someone wud rise among them anyway...

and a lot of the symptons mentioned r happening but say for example today drugs r ruining communtiies, what wud u predict in another 10 years it gets worse if it continues to be a trend.. gays r advertised on tv nowdays, i c blokes n lessies holdin hands left right n centre in my town.ive even heard ders gays who claim to be sikh. wiuth the current trends of advertising it as ok, gay bars opening, peoples minds changing wudnt we predict this erosion to get worse if we say what do we think wud happen in 50 100 200 yars from here???what we r doin is looking at the present state based on that assuming what mite happen..

guru gobind singh taught us to be realistic with a get up n go attitude to take our future destinies into our hands but wudnt sau sakhis hold us bak from that as the hindus were held bak to thsi day after suffering 1000 years???

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Please note everybody, Sau Sakhi was not written by the 10th master but some chartlan and it has also been tampered with many times. Our living Guru is SGGS in which resides the sprit of the 10 Gurus, believe in it, not some predictions made by unknown people to confuse and misinform Sikhs.

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May i beg to ask what evidence you have to support your claims??

Let the researcher search and learn... why dont you leave that matter to the scholars...oh by the way they do provide evidence unlike jus an statement.....

And nobody is claiming that they dont beleive in sggs. Its nothing wrong if you like to study other sikh scriptures like dasam guroo durbar, sarbloh granth and sau sakhiya... also learn different languages... i for one know for sure.. relying on english translations for sggs... its not enuf... sanskrit, barj, farsi, arabic.. our guroo have learned ... know you can see how we are protayin our guroo's image??

More learn you about scriptures, prophecies.. better it is... remember knowledge is power to defeat the enemies...

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I agree with N3O S!NGH, I have met a lot of ppl who will tell me "Is it written in the SGGS?" They will ask for evidence for keeping hair by Guru Nanak and then they will think dirty which we can not think and they will say that Guru Gobind Singh ji did an opposite thing what Guru Nanak taught and that is keeping the 5K''s and which they call it rituals.

These people will make sad faces and they will say "Oh it could have been so better if Guru Gobind Singh ji had not asked us to keep hair, just only this one kakkar." and that it is wrong because there in the SGGS no where it is asked to keep hair.

Such people need a good slap (wake up call) on there faces.

In anycase, the SGGS is our spiritual guru and guide, apart from that we should also read the dasam granth, other rehatnamas, sakhis.. which are IMPORTANT teachings of our Gurus and can not be ignored. Only materialistically infected people who want to cut hair will keep on saying that these writings are not authentic.

As for the Sau Sakhi. I think its true !

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May i beg to ask what evidence you have to support your claims??

Let the researcher search and learn... why dont you leave that matter to the scholars...oh by the way they do provide evidence unlike jus an statement.....

And nobody is claiming that they dont beleive in sggs. Its nothing wrong if you like to study other sikh scriptures like dasam guroo durbar, sarbloh granth and sau sakhiya... also learn different languages... i for one know for sure.. relying on english translations for sggs... its not enuf... sanskrit, barj, farsi, arabic.. our guroo have learned ... know you can see how we are protayin our guroo's image??

More learn you about scriptures, prophecies.. better it is... remember knowledge is power to defeat the enemies...

LOL.. I have read the Sau Sakhi and have read Professor Surinder Singh's book examining the sakhis therefore I have some authority to make this statement.

Bhai Vir Singh when examined the Sakhis said that they were tampered with. Surinder Singh Kohli too have stated the same. True Sikhs donot give any importance to these sakhis. These sakhis are supposed to be recollections of events about the 10th master written by some CHARLATAN as stated in Khuswant's Singh, `how the Sikh raj fell'. I totally agree with u on learning different languages.. which ones are u proficient in?



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Guest BikramjitSingh

May i beg to ask what evidence you have to support your claims??

Let the researcher search and learn... why dont you leave that matter to the scholars...oh by the way they do provide evidence unlike jus an statement.....

As Harmless said many scholars dismiss the Sau Sakhi as a work of the 19th century and not the work of Guru Gobind Singh. You asked what the scholars think about it, they best research work on the Sau sakhi is Gur Ratan Maal Arthaat Sau Sakhi by Gurbachan Singh Nayyar. As far as I am aware this is the only book which looks at the Sau sakhi from all angles using modern textual analysis. This may disappoint you but his conclusion is that it is was written 150 years after Guru Gobind Singh. Between 1860-1870 the Namdharis interpolated their own claims about Baba Ram Singh throwing the British out of the Punjab. The followers of Maharaja Duleep Singh interpolated further describing the prophecy of the return of Sikh rule under Maharaja Duleep Singh. In 1947 other sakhis were included which prophesised the expansion of Patiala state and the Khalsa rule under Maharaja Yadvindra Singh of that state.

And nobody is claiming that they dont beleive in sggs. Its nothing wrong if you like to study other sikh scriptures like dasam guroo durbar, sarbloh granth and sau sakhiya... also learn different languages... i for one know for sure.. relying on english translations for sggs... its not enuf... sanskrit, barj, farsi, arabic.. our guroo have learned ... know you can see how we are protayin our guroo's image??

Please get a dictionary and find out the meaning of the word Scripture is. By writing what you did you are placing the Sau Sakhi at the same level as the Guru Granth Sahib.



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More learn you about scriptures, prophecies.. better it is... remember knowledge is power to defeat the enemies...

N30 Singh ji, Agreed knowledge is power but be careful not to mix facts with fiction. Sau Sakhis (100 fictional stories) are merely stories interpolated many times by people with vested interests of different era. As Bikramjit stated Sikh scholars have dismissed this particular book of 100 stories. Infact Professor Surinder Singh Kohli who is renown author of Sikhism has been criticised for writing his analytical book of examining the stories.



There is no place for B*** in Sikhism :)

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Bikramjit singh ,

I agree with you.. i shouldnt have categorised sau sakhi as an scripture but why is it soo hidden then?? Why people dont like to discuss about it??? Why people who write books on sau sakhi ie - surinder singh kohli being critisized by the panth??

The idea is to look at anything and everything related to guroo maharaj words ie- porphecy...are you suggesting that about the bachan of chanvaie crore(960 Million sikhs) made by guroo gobind singh ji was false???. Here we are sittin on the forums...without looking and researching into the enrich sikh scriptures ie - sarbloh granth (Raj karega karaiega khalsa, akhai rahe na koii) which has directly linked to 960 million sikhs prophecy in sau sakhi.....here we are judgin at their authencity....

Then people such as "prof surinder singh kohli" get critisized of the whole life work he did for nothing....

On a side note: We are at the verge in need of scholars, just last week. I went to world relegion confrence...Their was islam, hinduism table besides us... books after books for spirtual seekers...we had nothing there...just articles like who is a sikh?? , why kill a chicken??, understanding the turban...... after we even knowing that guroo granth sahib is ultimate jot of vaheguroo... we couldnt even prove our existence to western world...then some gorra comes along with good spirit and publish few books of kundalini yoga, mediatation and spirtual onenes then soo called punjabi sikhs critisize them for what they did...

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