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What is Sikhi coming to??


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I got this as an e-mail attachment - I was so shocked and saddened. We've gotta do something to get back the love in Sikhi


HS Lakhan, 7 Oct 2003

A terrible thing happened today. Its every parent's fear. We try and

protect the souls God has put into our care. We eagerly await the day when they say their first word. We equally dread the day they will say the

four letter word. We are careful of the friends they make, we only allow

them to watch safe children's TV.

But today, the little one who's only 18 months old said the four

letter word. She's only just begun saying words and to learn that one so soon was a bit of a shock. I think she got it from her three old sister.

She was sitting in her buggy holding a packet a mini biscuits, just

munching away. I reached forward and asked for one. She clenched the

packet with her fist and pulled it towards her chest. Screwing her face up

worried I would take it away, she said the four letter word.. "MINE!"

Gone are the days when she gave everything away just as easily as she

had received it. Now she'll spend the rest of her life, like the rest of

us involved in attachment to our possessions.

Guru Nanak Maharaj explains that :

'Crying out "Mine! Mine!" they have departed,but their bodies , their wealth and their wives did not go with them.

Without the Name, wealth is useless; deceived by wealth they have lost their way. So serve the True Lord; become Gurmukh and speak of the Undescribable Lord. 6.' (SGGS 59)

We pray that with the SatGuru's kindness we all will spend the

remaining part of our life getting back to the way we all were as a baby -

receiving and giving without the sense of MINE....the way a Gurmukh is.

"Kabeer, nothing is mine within myself.

Whatever there is, is Yours, O Lord.

If I surrender to You what is already Yours, what does it cost me? ||203||" (SGGS 1375)

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