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sant nirankari+gyan


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Guest Javanmard

it's part of their recruiting process. When people enter that cult they have a conversation with a mahapurush (translate as some bloke or woman who holds the economical power in the cult structure) where he/she explains you that God is everywhere. After that conversation you are a brahm giani. I am not kidding: these heretics believe that a simple conversation with some stupid ignorant arrogant cult leader is brahm gian :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Gur Fateh,

On Lalleshvari's closing comments, I would recommend people have a read of Ragbir Singh Bir's Bandagi Nama -fantastic intro to the man's journey through simran, where he clearly shows the difference with real Brahm Gyan and mere knowledge what it means and what it (may) take to achieve it.


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