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Point of Bhagti?

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Greetings All....

I just wanted to know what the point of Bhagti is? I mean, yes, I do understand that it allows you to meditate on God's name and is really a spritual thing, but i was wondering why so many religions put so much emphasis on it? I mean, in certain respects, you are just sitting there!! Why isn't MORE emphasis (yes, i mean MORE, as in yes, I know SOME is already put on it) put on performing Good Deeds that benefit ALL of mankind instead of just using ur time to do Bhakti, which I feel is something that only benefits the individual doing it (yes, you can argue that if you are in the presence of a totally religious person it is like a blessing for you, but i dunno......)

I dunno if my question is even making sense at this point, but I've always been the type to believe that religion isn't needed as long as you do good deeds etc......but newayz, i'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks

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by good deeds you only get fruit or reward for it, by bhakti you get to meet God Himself. What is good and bad actions? God Himself created good and bad and He Himself makes some ppl do bad actions and others good actions. We neednt worry so much about these things.. Doing bhakti is helping yourself which is the greatest good deed.

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