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Say Sat Sri Akal at all Times.

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Sat Sri Akal

Truth Treasure Timeless

Sikhs greet by saying Sat Sri Akal. This remembers one and others to live with truth, achieve all treasures and merge in Eternity.Sat Sri AKAL means : God and Truth are Timeless and Immortal .

Do not only say it as a habit.

Do not remember it as slogan.

This is a key to open the door,

the veil between you and Him.

You need not to seek anybody

to meet and say Sat Sri Akal.

Greet your mind with the truth

who is loud and does not listen.

Get straight with yourself first.

Then bow down and live truth.

This leads to all the treasures

also to Him who is beyond time.

Harjinder Singh

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I was coming home from work after working a 12 hour day. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home, and an auntie wearing a bindi started checking out my groceries. She had the darker skin that I have seen on many people from Southern India. I greeted her with "Sat Sree Akaal". She asked me in broken English "How did you know that?" (Despite my patka and kara, most people...even Indians...do not recognize me as a Sikh). I told her that I learned it at my Gurdwara.

When she gave me my change, she made an obvious point of touching my hand and smiling at me. I don't know her, she doesn't know me, and I doubt that she was a Sikh...but I still walked away from there knowing that even doing something as routine as buying groceries, I made a friend.

It was a good feeling.

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