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what does SGGS say about suicide- i mean sometimes u get soo down and you feel that life's just not worth living any more. you are stopped from seeing sangat and Guru ji and you feel that you just ca'nt keep going. You've been so bad and nasty to so many people and you ca't live with yourself any more - is suicide justified?

Plz answer asap

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:( Suicide is a sin. :(

Why are we here on this earth? :?: . Answer is "Bhyee prapat maanukh dehuriya. Gobind milan kee eh teri baria." :)

Have you got 'Gobind'? :roll:

:idea: We have been given this human body to worship the God. We have no right to destroy it.

-Amrit Pal Singh 'Amrit'


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:sikhiwink2: Khalsa lives in 'charhdi kala', the high spirits.

Do not kill your body, kill your ego.

Life is a song of love. Life is an ocean of sorrow.

"Zindgi pyaar ka geet hai,

ise har dil ko gaana parhega.

Zindgi gam ka saagar bhi hai,

is ke us paar jaana parhega." :respect:

So, never think of it (suicide) :please:

Enjoy what the God has given to you :party:

You have got what you need. If you need more, just pray before the God :pray: .


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IM sorry but i don't know of exact quote from our guru about Suicide, but from what i know it is cannot be justified.

Life is a GIFT. To kill yourself is to throw that gift of life in the face of waheguru.

The Past is not in your hands, but the Present is. You make your destiny by each breath you take in the Present. Forget about what has happened. Each breath is a fresh start. Start from now and look forwards. Make Each breath given to you count by sharing this Gift of life with JOY with everyone.

You are the Master of your own Destiny. Remeber this. If you don't like your life, then Change it. Don't quit. What good will it do. You will further put bad Karma on yourself. You will further suffer in your future births. Who's to say you will get another chance to get a birth in human form when you throw away when waheguru himself with grace gave you one. If you want kill yourself, then kill your ego, then kill your anger, kill your hatred, kill your greed..... Kill that which needs killing, but why are you killing the house of God. why are you Destroying the Temple of God in which he resides. You will not destroy a Gurdwara but yet you will destroy the real house of God.

Page 155

God has erected the temple of the body; He has placed the nine doors, and the soul-bride sits within.

Page 542

The Dear Lord has fashioned the body as the temple of the Lord, O my dear beloveds; the Lord continues to dwell there.

Page 953


That alone is said to be the Lord`s temple, where the Lord is known. In the human body, the Guru`s Word is found, when one understands that the Lord, the Supreme Soul, is in all. Don`t look for Him outside your self. The Creator, the Architect of Destiny, is within the home of your own heart. The self-willed manmukh does not appreciate the value of the Lord`s temple; they waste away and lose their lives. The One Lord is pervading in all; through the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, He can be found. ||12||

If all the doors are closed to you then create new doors. Share your sorrow with Waheguru himself. Tell him that you are troubled in his world. He WILL AND ALWAYS DOES LISTEN. Be patient for the time will come when you look back at this and will think how could i think of doing such an act.

Who is stopping you from seeing guru ji and his sangat?? if such Sangat is stopping you then it is for a reason that they are not the real Sangat of Waheguru. the True Guru will not Judge anyone, The true Sangat will not Judge anyone.

A man who was full of sin, who murdered people. Robbed thousands his whole life went to a Sant and asked him if he could become his deciple. That he wanted to find god, that he had spent his whole life hurting others and finally he has realized his mistakes and want to change. The guru looked at him with a strange look and told him he cannot keep him as a deciple who has killed other and has only hurt others his entire life. How can i keep you. The man with dissappointment walked away. Later that day, the sant went to meditate in his room, for some reason he couldnot meditate, his mind was wandereing all around. He could not center his mind. He was in great despair taht what has happened, that his inner tranquility has dissapeared. So he prayed in his heart to wahegure to find whether he had dnoe soemthin wrong. At night he had a dream in this dream god himself came to him to answer his prayer and he asked again, god what have i done wrong that i cannot meditate on your name ne longer. God told him that the man who came to your door asking for asslym, Asking for forgivenss, that man. I have been keeping him alive for all these years even tho he continued to do bad things. I have been giving him the breaths of life, and finnaly he came to my door asking for Forgiveness, finnaly his eyes were opened, finnaly his heart had turned around to the Truth and you Turned him away.

Whomever goes to the doors of waheguru, his prayer are never gone worthless. He is the Forgiver of all Forgivers.

You should read Chopai sahib in Rehraas. or rather read the whole rehraas/5 banis. Read it carefully, with each word in your mind.

Remember It is Never Too Late. NEVER.

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