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Intro for my sikh vs islam essay????


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how long do you have?? gimme till friday, and i think i'd probably be able to give you a realtively strong introduction. i'm sure there's many here that want to contribute to your essay as well..

i needs some specs..how long is the essay.. and am i correct in saying you want the total length represented by 15% as an intro?

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Got this so far. I made it to sound as scholarly as possible, though i'm sure it could use some help.

"From Sikhism’s entry into the world stage in 1469AD to its journey to the present day, a perturbing notion has followed the young faith. Originating in a country dominated by deeply rooted religions dating back hundreds to thousands of years, Sikhism faced a daunting task: How would it present itself as a uniquely distinct religion? Moving forward some 500 years to the present day, it appears that its objective has not changed. A prevalent belief among certain circles is that Sikhism is simply a permutation of the ancient Indian religions which predeceased it. In particular, it is a belief among Islamic circles that Sikhism is simply a faction of the Mohammedan religion, a great misconception. Thus, the following essay shall strive to show how Sikhism, though bearing certain similarities to Islam, is essentially a unique religion with a 20 million strong worldwide following. The aforementioned shall be achieved primarily through two means: 1) an exploration of the historical ties which are mistakenly thought to bind the two religions and 2) a critical assessment of both religions from their respective theological aspects."

When i refer to the historical aspect, I mean to talk about things like Guru Nanak's supposed pilgrimage to Mecca (and how it is used to justify him as a muslim) and just goes further to point out how, if islam and hinduism were the same, that the sikhs were greatly persecuted etc.

Feedback would be appreciated for the intro. Remember, i had to keep it short and sweet as much as possible.

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