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Its getting hot in herrre


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...and other environmental factors are caused by unessisary means, i mean look at the dirtiness, i remember when i was in Kenya this summer, the gurdwara was so pretty and clean inside the wall. Outside the gates it was dirty, filthy, garbage, and who knows what else! This is true all around the globe, people are trashing everything these days! Doesn't anyone care about the environment? God gave us this earth to live on not to destroy and use up like a parasite (which we are). Its sad that our technological advancements are turning out ot be worse, mind you its getting better... but it annouys me when the paper goes in the trash and not the recycle, when the gum is spat out on the ground, when someone littersss the park. THis is nature, this is our world, so don't abuse it..... so why do many people trash the world around them?? Sikhi definatly promotes an environmental, clean world!!! so maybe you should think where and what u do with your trash....


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