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Division in the panth

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Why there is a division in the panth???

discuss pls

I think main is the greed for money...

as sant baba mann singh said

It is said that earlier Gurudwaras were poor (in building) but Sikhs were rich in faith and now Gurudwaras are rich (with marble floors and Gold tops) but Sikhs are poor in faith.

thats just one example of it...

there are more..like caste system, ravidass cults, namdhari, nirankaris

oh one more.... Nihangs.. the way they live and what they beleive its obviously not liked by mainstream sikhs...

thats why we decided to make special section for em and shastar vidiya...so that they can enlighten us........what exactly they beleive?? (hindu-gods or our granths) or both?????????

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definitely! its the greed for material posessions.

so many times i see 'sants' cruising around in the latest mercedes,etc. and its kindof contradicting because ud think the sant would rather that money be spent on something worthwhile.

material possesions=money,and these days most the commitee members scam money and use donations to pay for their luxury lives. of course this is generally,there are alot of genuine sants/gianis,etc..it just seems people are having to enrich the gurudwarai,etc to cover up the real richness (maybe the former are easier to acheive!)

anyhoo,i think we need less gurudwara,and more sangat! (or more money being used for needy causes i.e helping orphans from the dehli riots,etc etc) theres lives which could have been saved from that 17 million. (and thats just one gurudwara,and theres tonnes around the uk alone! and they arent cheap!)

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nah i kinda disagree with sikh fauge paaji there

i think how they spent so much money on the gurdwara is a good thing -

wat i dont think is right is how theres tooooo many gurdwara about - in smethwick alone there is about 4 gurdwarey - less then 5 minutes away from each other!... u have the main smethwick gurdwara which most people go to - but then u have the baba sang gurdwara down the road - and cos its closer for siome people there - the sangat goes there - then u have oldbury gurdwara and also nanaksar up cape hill

i think its best to have one main gurdwara - spend as much money as u want on it - and have everyone in one place

personally i think whats dividing allot of sikhs is the distractions of normal everyday life - for example - when ur young if u go to the gurdwara regularly then it becomes a habit and u dont wanna break not goin there often

but in most peoples cases their parents are always at work - or they have allot of other things on their hands which kinda make them move away from goin to the gurdwara - so from every day it goes to once a week - then to once a week - and then to one a yr on vaisaki or sangrand or watever

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Maharaaj has given us the blessings of the Panth. Why are we detracting from maharaaj's hukam.

By building many gurudwara sahib's in the same area we are segregating the Panth. The Panth is power, both physically but more importantly mentally.

Have you noticed the difference when you participate in Kirtan/Simran when on your own, with a few friends and while you are in a packed gurudwara sahib. The anand felt is v. v. noticeable.

In everyone of us we have a flame. When we sit amongst the sangat and remember maharaaj every persons flame (or jot) unites into an inferno. This is where I have felt the most anand in my brief experience of true sikhi.

We have created a form of apartheid where certain castes are not welcomed in 'different fractions' of the house of maharaaj.

Hopefully maharaaj will give us the strength and insight to change this by setting the example ourselves.

I agree that a primary objective for gurudwara sahib's is financial (going beyond what is practically required) but i felt this matter was of more importance.

Apologies if i bored and/or upset anyone.

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh.

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we need more spirtual ego-less sangat with prem motivating others to take naam...

akal he akal..........................

raj karega khalsa, akaie rahie no koii (end of kalyug) ... :D

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prehaps it's not the amount of gurdwarai we should be concerned about, but rather the ppl who r meant 2 b lookin out 4 it ie the committee members.

i've had a few brushes with some members; just by simply requesting sumthin that should/n't be done automatically. the outcome of these efforts r fruitless. :(

gurdwarai generate a lot of money but i'm afraid 2 say that i'm very sceptical about whether 100% is used for the good of the sangat, i think it is more realistic to state that majority of committe members 'sponge' off of it. :x

:cry: plz 4give my negativity; but i'm in 2 minds whether to name & shame these ppl or to let them be... :cry:

i'll finish by saying:

weeds can't be cut; but need to be pulled out by their roots; but if ur neighbour hasn't delt with their weeds; the seeds will blow ova & replant themselves.

...i'm not sure if this problem can eva b truely sorted :cry:

bhul chuk maaf


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kaur - it may be true that this stuff happens - but whoever does such things as stealin from the golak or pocketing the sangats money will have to answer to waheguru - its simple

for someone to commit a crime in the gateway to god will surely be punished....

but in most cases pocketing money is not a reality - it is more likely it is being saved for future projects such as expansion of the gurdwara

my local gurdwara - people have langars there nearly every single day - and the person who has ordered the langar will have to pay for it - so hence no money off the gurdwara will go to it - akhand paats - money is from the sangat too - in most cases the gurdwara will save allot of money - and this is shown in the development of the gurdwaras - the southall one is a massive example

u think they would have been able to create a 20 million pound gurdwara is commitee members were pocketing money?? i doubt it

anyways my main point is - instead of saving money here for development of gurdwaras - they should send money back to india to refurbish any gurdwaras that have been damamged over the yrs - and help build even more beautiful places for darshan then we have here :D:D:D


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Sikhi is ur personal path to the guru and god it is more a way of life than just a religion.

at the mo Sikhs seem obsessed with "rules" which is the "west" in us thinking.

sikhi isnt a basis of rules and stipulations that u live by or u cant get into a heaven its a way of life showing us how to be better human beings for ourselves and our fellow man.

With this obsession with rules has come an obsession with those being slightly different and in our eyes breaking those said rules.

All religions and ways of life will evolve over time and we must change with them without shedding the core of our faith.

Instead of baging on about how bad our neighbours are we should start looking at we can do for ourselves to make us better ppl.

Personally i think some of the expenditure going into Gurdwara's borders on the obscene - The queen recently visited a gurdwara here in leicester and was presented with a ceremonial sword that cost an arm and a leg to have made. I thought this andother superficial improvements to the gurdwara to be a complete waste of money - its all about style over content now which IMHO is the complete opposite of what Sikhi is all about.

I reckon god and the Guru would have been much happier if this money was spent on feeding the homeless and educating ourselves rather than uneccesarry extravagance.

It is said that earlier Gurudwaras were poor (in building) but Sikhs were rich in faith and now Gurudwaras are rich (with marble floors and Gold tops) but Sikhs are poor in faith.

I could not agree more with that statement.

As for divisions in the panth in particular i agaian believe we should educate ppl and allow them to make there own choices as far as i am aware there is no "penalty" for apostasy in the Sikh faith so why should we be concerend what somebody else says or does to achieve one ness with the almighty ???

I say if ur a Sikh be a good Sikh - but if u aint then be the best in wotever spiritual path u care to follow.

Much to much emphasis is put on labels and badges nowadays that we are remebering the letter of Sikh law and heritage but not its spirit - and without that spirit Sikhi is dead in the water

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