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are u aware of R.S.S.

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What is R.S.S.? I've heard that it is a Hindu organization that is rather militant, but I don't know much more about it. Can anyone help?

C. Kaur

R.S.S -> RAshtariya Sikh sangat

is an organisation of Hindus trying to show that they are Sikh. They try to confuse uneducated Sikhs, and try to convert them to Hinduism....

:evil: :x

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R.S.S is 'Rashtriya Svyam-sevak Sangh', means 'National Volunteers Union'. It is a social organisation, which wants India to be declared a Hindu Nation.

There are more than 2000 small organisations, which belong to R.S.S. All of these organisations are called 'Sangh Privar' (United Family/ Union Family), including 'Bajrang Dal' and 'Vishv Hindu Prishad'. 'Rashtriya Sikh Sangat' is just a small organisation in 'Sangh Privar'.

'Vishv Bharti', a member of 'Sangh Privar' runs more than 2200 schools all over India. It is not a joke. Keeping it in mind, we can say that 'Rashtriya Sikh Sangat' is just a child in 'Sangh Privar'.

The chief of R.S.S. is called 'Sar Sangh Chaalak'. Now, K.C. Sudarshan is the 'Sar Sangh Chaalak' of R.S.S.

When Dr. Ambedkar was making his mind to adapt Sikhism, M.K. Gandhi opposed his decision. Veer Savarkar, one of the founders of R.S.S., sided with the Sikhs and openly appreciated Dr. Ambedkar's opinion.

Though, R.S.S. admires old Indian traditions, its dress is totally a non-Indian one. Black cap, Khaki shirt and half pants. They use club (laathi) during their march past. All of them carry, sometimes, a hidden weapon, a punch maid of iron.

R.S.S. missionaries are very well learned people. It is very common that an MBBS or Ph.D. degree holder becomes the missionary, known as 'Prachark'. Compare it with any Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, which hesitates to appoint any qualified Granthi. :(

An R.S.S. Pracharak has no problem of money, a Sikh Granthi gets Rs. 2,000/- per month even in a city like Chandigarh. :P . Still everyone is always ready to give lectures to Granthis, 'Sabar Santokh rakho Bhai Ji, Poojari Ji, Masand Ji'. :LOL:

:idea: And yes, R.S.S. is an organisation, where no one is ELECTED.

Isn't it enough? :?:


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RSS had been very active in punjab during the so called AKALI tenure...... under the leadership of parkash singh badal.... the age old dark schemes of hindu fascists to dilutee sikhism was at its best..... they had resources and were virtually untouchables....... akalis were dummies in their hands...... SOME FACTS...

RSS distributed so called educational stuff to kids around rular punjab asking them to go for a statewide test , distributing scholarships and monetry awards to them..... those educational stuff included wrong preaching about sikhism and sikh gurus..... HIS Holiness Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji was portrayed as shivaji's disciple and a GAU RAKSHAK (cow protecter)........ more of one of HINDU leaders than a GURU......... their motive was to brainwash the guiallable kids and destroy the new generations.....if it was not for the general people they would have gone to extents to wipe of our history..... they've been doing that with christians and has already wiped off BUDDHISM from india ( The place of its Birth)...... Same fate might be dealt to SIKHISM if i these fascists pwoers are not dealt with......

The founder of this whole sangh (RSS,BJP,VHP,BAJRANG DAL.....) , VIR SARWAKAR was a freedom fighter who wrote an apology letter to british rulers to pardon his death sentence in return for his abstinence from freedom struggle....... during BJP's rule his portrait was hanged in PARLIMENT whereas there is no mention if people like BHAGAT SINGH, the true son of soil.........

My idea of writing this all is not to say hindus r bad or else..... every religion is good in his terms....they r different paths for same destination.... but one should not try to show other down or do something to harm other's intrests........ the idea is shed light on oue own weaknesses.... people like badal, who sell everything for their power hunger..... and due to people who find preachings of sikhism obsolete and out of fashion..... today sikhs have forgotten the sacrifices of our elders, massacres of fellow sikhs....... anyother community would have fought back and rose.....ours is not...... alcohol is synomous with sikhs today...... we owe are destruction to ourselves..... no RSS could do anything if we were strong ourselves.......

Please forgive me if i had said something wrong and correct me......



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