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What makes a Nihangs

Guest chamkila

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Waheguroo Jeeio..Should we not focus on becoming 'Sikhs' first and foremost? What makes a 'Sikh'??

The Definition of Sikh :

Article I

Any human being who faithfully believes in

i. One Immortal Being,

ii. Ten Gurus, from Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib,

iii. The Guru Granth Sahib,

iv. The utterances and teachings of the ten Gurus and v. the baptism bequeathed by the tenth Guru, and who does not owe allegiance to any other religion, is a Sikh

for more info about what makes a "Sikh" pelase read the following :) :


/Bhull CHukk maaf

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

I posed that question simply for hypothetical reasons...What is the use of jumping to the 'advanced level' if we haven't passed the basic set of examinations??

In the End it is between us and our Guru Jee..have we lived up the virtues he has guided us with? That to me is a 'Sikh'..There should be NO difference..a Sikh who follows his/her Guru Jee is equal to others who follow as well..

Just my small budhee opinion though...

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Guest chamkila

I still find that no one as answered my question.

How does some one become a Nihang?

I don't see normal Sikh wearing all these shastars....

I know Nihangs are Sikh but my family don't drink cannabis, most family don't. There must be some sort of thing that make a Nihang. I also know that a true Nihang does not get married, so I really would like to know.

I think we are all focusing on being Sikh thats why we come on these forums to ask question. This is part of the Sikh histroy so I find comment like

Waheguroo Jeeio..Should we not focus on becoming 'Sikhs' first and foremost? What makes a 'Sikh'??

A waste of time...... because stuff like this makes us Sikhs..........

Thanks for the links Truthsingh I will check that out.


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Nihang, one who has been initiated into the Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa Panth by 5 Akali Nihang Singhs. There are various "types" of Nihang Singhs that exist depending on speciality, character, seva, appearance, etc. Some are specialists in weapons, some in Gurmat Sangeet, some in Ayurveda, etc. And today, due to the modern era, we have specialists in a variety of modern specialisations...

Some Nihang Singhs DO marry, some dont. There are also Akali Nihang Singhs who on the whole tend to be Brahmchari - ie, not marry, and are on the whole more strict in their maryada than Nihang Singhs. Nihang Singhs tend to adapt and be more flexible in their maryada to suit their terrain and environment.

Akali Nihang Singhs are Nihang Singhs who have proved themselves through service/sacrifice. They are distinguished by a Farla..Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh ji, Akali Nihang Phoola Singh Ji, etc etc all possessed a Farla, and are therefore recognised as Akali Nihang Singhs, contrary to the rubbish spewed out by modern mainstream Sikhs.

The Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa Panth, and the Sanatan Sikhs (Nirmalas, Udasis, Seva Panthis) do NOT recognise institutions such as the SGPC who are products of the British Raj. Hence that Rehit maryada of the SGPC does not apply to these groups, nor is it acknowledged.

With regards to cannabis, this is used, but not abused. Those that do are termed "Nangs", ie, fake Nihangs who do not respect Maryada.

There are also those who imitate Nihang Singhs but have no respect for the maryada such as Chatka and Sukkha, but dress up as Nihang Singhs, and even copy a lot of the more "palatable" traditions such as wearing the warrior uniform...these individuals are also termed as "Nangs" as they dilute the traditions.

On a final point, how does one become a Nihang Singh? If it is in your destiny, you will become one, if not, it wont. The Nihangs do NOT forcefully convert, nor do they expect people to become Nihang Singhs. We do not emotionally blackmail anyone either. Also, Nihang Singhs do not enforce eating of meat or taking cannabis either, this is bullshit spread by ignorant people. Diet is an individiual's choice, but respect for Chatka should be there....

The Sanatan Sikhs do not belive you have to be amritdhari to be a Sikh...a Sikh is defined by their actions and perception of Dharam. Amrit is, and was traditionally seen as initiation into the "Dal Panth" (Way of the Warrior..ie, the Warrior Khalsa), and was not a necessity for all Sikhs. making everyone look, act and think the same (as many modern mainstream Sikhs believe) is equivalent of a Nazi regime that destroys individuality...creation has variety and variety has beauty, so why not Sikhi?

In the past, one had to prove themselves before they were given Amrit by the Nihang Khalsa. Many failed. This is still done, but it is rare, and standards have slipped. Now we have many who simply wish to jump on the Nihang bandwagon for "chodar" (status and ego), to look "cool" or "different" to their peers, but they lack the mental, spiritual and physical attributes that were once required. Such individuals are considered as "cannon fodder" (ie, when the time comes, they will have their use...waste nothing!!)

For more info, check out www.sarbloh.info and www.shastarvidiya.org

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I could quote a cliche and say that "size doesnt matter" 8)

...but it helps :LOL:

Reality is that not everyone can be a 6ft tall muscular fighting machine with balls of steel (be it damascus!). So, we have to remain in reality and do the best we can with the gifts we have bene blessed with by Akaal Purakh.

...good balanced diet, exercise (mental and physical), improving the mind, introspection, etc are part of maintaining and improving upon what you have been given. Even so, you can only do so much, and as Guru Maharaj says, depending on the effort you put into anything, that will determine what fruits you obtain.

With regards to Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya and Savya Rakhshah, practicing techniques (Chandi Pooja), Variyaam (circuit training) will reap their own rewards. If you wish to know about the training regime pop along to your local Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Savya Rakhsha Akharah :wink:

..or alternatively be patient and the exercise regimes will be available online in the near future.

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Guest chamkila

Thanks alot Narsingha, the information you provided was very good, but I did find shastarvidiya.org to be a bit pro Hindus, even so the Hindus faith is all fake.Its just like the old Geek faith.

Thats my view.

Thanks again

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Guest inderjit

so narsingha is somebody who calls himself a nihang but then when offered a challenge to battle, call it a fight call it a hadh thor challenge whatever u like, but if that nihnag turns down the challenge for no apparent reasons, other than perhaps not having the balls, is he still a nihang or a admin cut?? cus they wear the uniform talk the talk but then at the end of the day.. fail to stand as men when it comes to it.....

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Guest chamkila

I just find that now a days Sikhism, is not what it should be. Some Sikh have no knowlegd of Sikhism, and think Sikhs are a caste and not a faith. I find if some one see a site which links hindu and Sikh the person may not know what to belive.

If the site has all the right information and it makes the Sikh Faith stand out as a different faith to islam and hinduism. I have no problems, I get people at my work think I am hindu, even so I wear a turban. I try teaching people that sikhism is a different faith.

All most all the information on shastarvidiya.org was really good, and I enjoyed reading the site, I just did not like all the information about the hindu stuff.


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