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Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev ji

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Saraeyaan noon bhut bhut mubarkaan hovan on Guru Ji's birthday on Nov 8, 2003 !!!

History tells that the actual birthdate is April 15, 1469. What are the reasons that we celebrate it in Oct-Nov. ?

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HISTORY tells that Guru Tegh Bahadur Maharaj talked to Aurangzeb before his martyredom. It is written in HISTORY.

HISTORY tells that Aurangzeb was in the North-West at the time of martyredom of Guru Ji. He never met Guru ji in his life time. It can be proved by HISTORY.

Just a single line for those writers, who are misguiding people: -

"Eh Kehi Rut Aayee Ai-

Vand Riha Hai Sooraj Hanere,"

If you care, you can read full poem at http://www.amritweb.com/poem2.html

If you cannot understand its meaning, please and please do not ask me to explain it. I cannot.

Sometimes, I think: -

"Eh Kehi Rut Aayee Ai-

Dhartee Dee Kukh Chon

Phut Piya Hai Saazishaan Da Jangle,

Vaarh Ton Hee Dar Rahe Ne Khet,

Vand Riha Hai Sooraj Hanere,

Tair Rahe Ne Hawa Vich-

Kujh Zahreele Bol.

Eh Kehi Rut Aayee Ai?"


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