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Life : Our Relations N US


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Hello Friends here I m posting a hit 'n' trail funda to check the friend list. Apply it on every one 'n' count how many do U have in real / fact. Recommend this list to everyone U know. N not the reaction from them.


ABC of a true friendship

A Friend....

(A)ccepts you as you are

(B)elieves in "you"

©alls you just to say "HI"

(D)oesn't give up ! ! on you

(E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)

(F)orgives your mistakes

(G)ives unconditionally

(H)elps you

(I)nvites you over

(J)ust "be" with you

(K)eeps you close at heart

(L)oves you for who you are

(M)akes a difference in your life

(N)ever Judges

(O)ffer support

(P)icks you up

(Q)uiets your fears

®aises your spirits

(S)ays nice things about you

(T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it

(U)nderstands you

(V)alues you

(W)alks beside you

(X)-plains thing you don't understand

(Y)ells when you won't listen and

(Z)aps you back to reality

Happy (Friend) Hunting

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But there is a another universal fact we call DUNIYADARI in prectical.

When Gurbani says, Kaaman Lorhai Suana Rupa, Mitar Lorhen So Khadhaata.

Nanak Pap Kare Tin Kaaran, Jaasee Jampur Bhandhaata.", it is telling the universal fact.

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sufi saint alayar khan said :

katwa diye shish shyam ne gita ko sunaakar, R

Rooh phook di gobind ne beto ko kataakar :

krishna taught the philosophy of the gita and got his

followers killed,

Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed His own sons and put life

into His people.

Why they do that , coz for the vision of true friendship with the Human Being isnt it....

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We need friends for many reasons,

all throughout the four seasons.

We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,

and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice.

We need someone we can count on to treat us nice.

We need friends because we are social in nature

and having friends makes us feel secure.

We need friends to remember us once we have passed

sharing memories that will always last.

That's why I need YOU!





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Everyone Needs Someone

People need people and friends need friends And we all need love for a full life depends

Not on vast riches or great acclaim, Not on success or on worldly fame,

But just in knowing that someone cares And holds us close in their thoughts and prayers-

For only the knowledge that we're understood Makes everyday living feel wonderfully good, And we rob ourselves of life's greatest need When we "lock up our hearts" and fail to heed The outstretched hand reaching to find A kindred spirit whose heart and mind

Are lonely and longing to somehow share

Our joys and sorrows and to make us aware

That life's completeness and richness depends

On the things we share with our loved ones

and friends.

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Life is like a garden

And friendship like a flower,

That blooms and grows in beauty

With the sunshine and the shower.

And lovely are the blossoms

That are tended with great care,

By those who work unselfishly

To make the place more fair.

And, like the garden blossoms,

Friendship's flower grows more sweet

When watched and tended carefully

By those we know and meet.

And, if the seed of friendship

Is planted deep and true

And watched with understanding,

Friendship's flower will bloom for you.

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To a Friend Friendship

You're my friend,

My companion,

Through good times and bad,

My friend,

My buddy,

Through happy and sad,

Beside me you stand,

Beside me you walk,

You're there to listen,

You're there to talk,

With happiness,

With smiles,

With pain and tears,

I know you'll be there troughout the years

A friend is someone we turn to

when our spirits need a lift,

A friend is someone we treasure

for our friendship is a gift.

A friend is someone who fills our lives

with beauty, joy, and grace

And makes the whole world we live in

a better and happier place.

Standing by,All the way.

Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up,When you are weak,

Helping you find what it is you seek.

Catching your tears,When you cry.

Pulling you through when the tide is high.

Absorbing your voice when you talk.

Standing by when you learn to walk.

Just being there,through thick and thin,

All just to say, you are my friend.

Friends will come and friends will go,

The seasons change and it will show,

I will age and so will you,

But our friendship stays, strong and true

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Definition of a Friend

"A Friend" The first person who comes in when the

whole world has gone out.

A bank or credit on which we can draw supplies of

confidence, counsel, sympathy, help and love.

One who combines for you alike the pleasures and

benifitsof society and solitude.

A jewel whose lustre the strong acids of poverty and

misfortune cannot dim.

One who multiplies joys, divides griefs, and whose

honesty is inviolable.

One who loves the truth and you, and will tell the

truth inspite of you.

The triple alliance of the three great powers, Love,

Symathy, and Help.

A watch which beats true for all time, and never "runs


A permanent fortification when one's affairs are in a

state of siege.

One who to himself is true, and therefore must be so

to you.

A balancing pole to him who walks across the tight

rope of life.

The link in life's long chain that bears the greatest


A harbor of refuge from the stormy waves of adversity.

One who considers my need before my deserving.

The jewel that shines brightest in the darkness.

A stimulant to the nobler side of our nature.

A star of hope in the clouds of adversity.

A diamond in the ring of aquaintance.

A volume of sympathy bond in cloth.

Friendship-one soul in two bodies.

An insurance against misanthropy.

One truer to me than I am myself.

One who understands our silence.

A link of gold in the chain of life.

The essence of pure devotion.

The sunshine of calamity.

A second right hand.

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Together forever until the end

Facing the worst with my very best friend

To count on for comfort with a hand to guide

Standing forever side by side

Problems arise but disappear

Whenever I see that you’re near

Laughter, sorrow, secrets, to share

Always showing your love and you’re care

When in doubt my saddening will stay

Until you’re there with a kind word to say

Facing the future until the end

Standing together forever friends

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