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i am curious about how many people out there have taken creatine? i think this is a growing supplement and many people are engaging in this experimentation!! kind of crazy.. what you think??


ps. i am doing a project in creatine... lol but i choose it b/c many people i know are trying it... kind of stupid if ya ask me! what you think? have u tried it? (yeah i know we have it in our body naturally, its all about the anerobic exercises)

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yeh ive used it allot - nothing wrong with it at all, its safe and it works for _most_ people, not all though

it just helps ur body retain water so you dont get tired as quick when u lift weights - hence being able to grow quicker

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lol thanx for the info :) creatine is only good for anaerobic, intense training and you know the powder, 2/3s of it actually gets urinated out!! so don't do too much of it peepz! itz crazy how many peepz do it now! its like candy to some peepz!


thanx again

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Mugermach Singh!

Go on! Milk and almonds...and of course Channae, and plenty of Desi-Ghee!!! LOL

Truthfully though, back when I was training hard and properly, I did on ocassion use milk and almonds as a nice tonic for a post workout recovery drink/meal.

I'd recommend it to those training hard...unfortunately for various reasons, I'm not anymore...but I'll always recommend it to others!


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yeah i think juz eatin protein is good enough, forget the creatine, itz fo the cheaterrrrrrrssssss! if ya ask me! u have creatine in ya body already naturally! and its only used for liek 15 secs of INTENSE work out.. sure if u have creatine it makes it a lil longer but ARE U THAT SERIOUS ABOUT UR SPORT?? i mean maybe pro athletes, but peepz doin it fo "looKs" kinda sad! anywayz do waht ya want! it ain't illegal but still crazzyyy know ya facts before u start sumthin new !

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Recipe for Almond Shake. (Mugermach style)

Get glass

Fill with vater

throw in Almods.

Get Cloth

Clean vater spillage.

Put cloth in Bin

Go Sleep

Vake up

Badam in Blender

Call Mom

Get mom to press button on Blender. (just plain lazy)

Get Milk

Fill glass vith Milk (if sarbloh reht, go please go to Section 21 part A on milking Cow in back garden)

Place Half of Vater Badam in Milk (remove vater first)

Drink Badam Shake.

Eat Half of tasty tasty Badam.


Note: too much badam give Nose bleeds. Pls only use Badam Shake on Moderation.

Above post must be read using freshy accent.

Nutters the lot of you :shock:

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LOLOLOLOL Mugermachji!!!


Blecccch :x

To me it just made me feel dried out...possibly because it seems to divert water from where it belongs to where it doesn't belong (remember, it is water that gets rid of fat...) The only thing I gained was regret for spending 30 bucks on the stuff....but that is just my opinion!!!!!!!!

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ummm are u sure water gets rid of fat??? --keep in mind fat is used for energy storage...

ok well i am not against creatine, its probably the safest thing out there for people who want to get muscle enhancing and are really doing intense sports and training. It is by far the safest compared to steroids, and all that ishhh. but nothing beats working hard and gaining the results u want on your own... creatine is used for energy production, ATP...and its for such a short period of time,,, and its PRICEY.. i dunno well my presentation on creatine is a week and half from now.. wish me luck! i made this huge model of creatine... and i even bought it to show the class... lol haha but i ain't goin to use it (prob sell it later... lol)

thanks truth singh for the sites :)!


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  • 5 months later...

to revive an old dead convo.. i'm realllllllly interested in investing in this stuff.. despite what alotta people have said, i used to take this stuff JUST before i would go for a run, and it felt alot different than without taking it.. i found myself alot more energized throughout my run, and was able to had a few more minutes too

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ok Creatine gives u a boost of energy.. its called anaerobic respiration.. and its best if JSB does not take it cuz UR not an PROFESSIONAL athlete!!!!!!! u don't need it.... if u want that lil boost for 1-2 minz longer? whats the use? u are going to end up peeing it out n e wayz?!!!! creatine makes a lot of peepz pee.... cuz THE BODY DOESN"T WANT IT! im telling u don't take it! its a waste of money.. use that money for sumthing else... its pricey! well i guesss its up to u but i totally don't reccomend it... cuz u can just eat right and exercise properly to be in shape... we aren't going to greece in a couple months are we? !!!

ur knowledgable friend in creatine (aka got a freak 95% or sumthin in my ISU .. i know it was a ninty sumthing.. still high!)

---keep on smiling


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