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About Indira Gandhi

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About Indira Gandhi

Every Sikh heart bleeds,

To think of your heinous deeds.

It is time you die of shame,

And give up all your claim.

To be a champion of minority,

Hindu Nation is your top priority.

Do you search your conscience,

When you preach non-violence?

You are a terrorist of the worst kind,

Blind to the values of mankind.

Nastiest tyrant of the present time,

Minister prime of war and crime.

You clamour for Nobel Peace prize,

When your own country is cut to size.

Just another breed of your kind,

Can spell for mankind.

This is the cry of each Sikh soul,

You can fool the world no more.”

(written by a very Chardi Kala wali Bibi ji shortly after the 1984 attack)

Check out website about Indias occupation of the Sikh home land








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