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What sakhi?


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I heard the following sakhi at a camp over the summer. Can anyone tell me is this a version of Satta and Balwand or is this a completely different sakhi?

During Guru Raam Daas Ji's time, there was a sikh (or group of sikhs) who asked Guru ji for money when they did keertan. Guru Ji promised them one coin for every Sikh. After the divan, Guru Ji gave them 3 and a half coins and explained that there had only been three and a half proper (pooran) gursikhs up until that time - Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Angad dev Ji , Guru Amar dass Ji and that Guru Raam Daas Ji himself was only half a Gursikh. When asked why, he replied that although he had followed Sikhi up till this point, he may falter any time soon, so he could not be complete until his Joti Jot.

pleas forgive any mistakes in this sakhi - my memory is not very good :wink: :cry:


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