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Sikh Matrimonial Ad


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Apart from the Kharti thing i meet all the other criteria , so where is the kuri? :roll:

I bant my voti now :cry:


I think they forgot to add

CLean Shaven required :cry:

99% of the ads in Desh Pardesh say the exact same but also add Clean Shaven required :x

dont know baout the rest but Desh Pardesh is a BIG newspaper :cry:

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

They should just replace the "Sikh matrimony" with "Punjabi matrimony" and there will be no issue with it... (I suppose).

Honestly though, i dont see the problem. Yeah, there is a caste and color bias in there, but if thats the persons preferred choice then so be it. (Not that i encourage these things but who are any of us to judge someone else's choice of marriage partner?)

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