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is this true ?


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No where in this news it says they were nihangs...where did you heard that from????


2 held for bid to poison Golden Temple langar

Our Correspondent

Amritsar, November 3

A case of attempt to poison the Golden Temple langar was registered against two persons last night.

Santosh Rani and Balwant Singh, who occasionally performed sewa at the langar hall of the Golden Temple, reportedly threw some poisonous powder wrapped in paper in the dal which was ready to be served to devotees at about 9 pm. However, an alert sewadar, Balwinder Singh, saw them throwing the powder in the dal. He said he, along with some other sewadars, immediately threw away the dal.

Balwinder Singh and other sewadars on duty alerted the galliara police force and later managed to identify the duo who had thrown the poisonous powder. Thereafter, the police nabbed them. Later, a case was registered for attempt to murder on information provided by Balwinder Singh.

Meanwhile, the honorary secretary, Mr Manjit Singh Calcutta, has urged the police to get the powder checked immediately and investigate the case. He said the SGPC had further beefed up the vigil in and around the langar area.

According to the SP (City-I), Mr Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh, the police has got one-day remand of the two arrested persons. He said that samples of the powder would be sent to Patiala for chemical analysis.

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She said that she was "pushed" and it was just medicine that fell in to the dall....I'm having a tough time believing her.


Calcutta inspects langar kitchen

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, November 4

The Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee today directed its task force to keep strict vigil on the movement of suspects, especially near the Guru Ram Dass langar hall in the Golden Temple complex, following a bid to throw ‘poisonous substance’ by two persons.

These instructions were issued by the SGPC’s honorary secretary, Mr Manjit Singh Calcutta, who personally inspected the working of the community kitchen. He was accompanied by Mr Major Singh, Manager, Darbar Sahib, Mr Amarjit Singh Walia, Mr Maninder Singh Ghunna, general secretary, youth Akali Dal, and Mr Lakhbir Singh.

Mr Calcutta alleged that there seemed to be a deep-rooted conspiracy to defame the SAD by mixing some ‘substance’ in the langarâ€. He said the SGPC would probe the matter thoroughly.

Mr Calcutta said more than 70,000 pilgrims partake langar every day. He said at least 150 sewadars had been on duty to cook langar round the clock. However, after the yesterday’s incident the SGPC had decided to regulate the entry of those who wanted to volunteer for preparing langar.

Meanwhile, during the one-day police remand, the two accused, Balwant Singh and Santosh Rani, who were arrested on charged of mixing some ‘poisonous’ substance, told the police that they were unnecessarily beaten up by SGPC sewadars following altercation over some issue.

They rebutted the allegations that it was medicine which was prescribed by a Gurdaspur-based doctor and it inadvertently fell into the langar when she (Santosh Rani) was pushed by one of the SGPC employees.

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sadly, a similar thing has happened at the gurdwara in my city as well...

We have an "interim" granthi at this point, because our normal granthi had to attend his mother's funeral in india, and apparently, the friday morning before Guru Nanak Devji's Avtar Purab, two ladies/girls came in and handed bags of daal and atta to the granthi, and he thanked them and such. They left, and then when they opened up the daal and stuff later, there was nails and rocks and all these types of things in the bags. disgusting... people who think it only happens in india, guess what...it happens everywhere.. we are now a global target :(

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