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Recipe for chocolate cake without eggs


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Chocolate Cake


vegetarian cake without the eggs!



4oz Self raising flour

3 spoons margerine

3 spoons sugar

chocolate made for cooking as much as you want.

3 tablespoons baking powder

milk - a tiny drop.


1.first get a bowl and add the flour.Then add the margerine and the sugar.

2. Put a bit of milk and stirr well.

3. add the baking powder and stirr

4. if wished melt some choclate and add as well stirr.

5. put it in your baking tin and let it to set.

6. put the gas mark at 8 and put the cake in. keep on checking the cake. the cake will be ready in half an hour.


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no egg? :shock:

That's right! For lacto-vegetarians who do not eat meat, fish or eggs...i.e. anything that is alive or has potential to be alive...

For the record, I have no probs with non-vegetarians, ovo-lacto-vegetarians, vegans or whatever...but I always found meat-eaters to be non-accepting of my lacto-vegetarian diet, even though I have never imposed it upon anyone...

...for some reason, Punjabi and Indian Meat-eaters feel threatened by vegetarians and those who refrain from drinking alcohol, as if I'm going to give them a lecture or something...if anything...they seem to think that they need to lecture me on food habits...

...people (veggies and non-veggies) enjoy your food and get on with whatever you do!

Thanks for the recipe, keep them coming!

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