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MONDAY NIGHT or i dunno (nov. 18th...in da mornin before dawn) lol i think monday night tho itz goin to be one of the biggest meteor showers in decades or so.. so check it out, make sure u juz don't look outside, u have to stay out a while and stare a bit, and please don't stare at a cloudy sky! lol it supose to be near the east side of the sky..

at about 11:00 p.m. Eastern time (8:00 p.m. Pacific), Earth enters the 1767 stream.

At that point, the meteors should increase, but this first peak is best for European observers because it occurs while Europe is facing in the same direction as Earth's motion through space.

Six hours later, the second peak hits, but this time North America is facing forward. The best time to catch this peak is Tuesday morning around 5:00 am Eastern (2:00 am Pacific)

more info check out http://www.exn.ca/Stories/2002/11/15/52.asp

i juz thought i would share this to everyone cuz itz goin to be pretty.... make a wish upon a falling star :roll:

lol keep on smiling :LOL:

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