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Anybody like 2Pac here?


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This mind set made Pac controversial from the cradle to the grave, he had two very different sides to him. Here's an Interview transcript.

Vibe: What are you at war with?

Tupac: Different things at different times. My own heart sometimes. There's two niggas inside me. One wants to live in peace, and the other won't die unless he's free.

These two different sides are also evident in his music. From positive songs like Keep ya head up and Dear Mama to vicious songs like Hit Em Up. Despite his peaceful side, the media has portrayed Tupac as nothing but a Hard Core Gangsta Rapper who wants to kill everyone but his mama. They blame him for violence in America, in the world, but like he said, "I was given this world, I didn't make it." With media, take MTV, they do all but officially boycott 2Pac. In the 1997 Top 100 they went as far as to cut off Tupac's verse in California Love. Despite poor media support, Tupac sold over 12 million albums in 1997.


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I luv 2Pac, his lyics have set high standards in Hip-Hop, hes sooo real, a tru Poet. I luv his album "All Eyes on Me".

Tracks i luv from 2Pac r:

Hit Em Up

Ambitionz Az A Ridah

How Do U Want It

2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted

No More Pain

California Love (RMX)

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What are you talking about Nas being deep!?!?

Nas was never deep he didn't have a grasp of metaphore..I'll respect him for his lyrical talent, but that man was taking 2pacs life and wording it making it sound like it was his in his songs..

Nas was good but as many others these days just a parkhandhi..

2pacs lyrics are sick...I like the song me and my girlfriend, which in he's doing the upmaa of his gun....

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I refuse to carry this conversation on, as you've shown to have no intellect whatsoever on this topic. Next post you make should be to retract your last comments. Theirs no point in even joking that nas held up next to 2pac. To think that should be a kurrait!!

"All that comes to a man who sleeps is dreams" ---2pac

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lol, please, ask anyone who used to/listens to alot of rap.......lets assume pacs best album was makaveli or all eyez on me......and compare that to illmatic.......ANYONE knows that illmatic is a classic.......it doesnt have the beats of pac albums (cuz its older) but its blatantly obvious that illmatic does a dump on any other album

u cant really compare pac to nas becuz nas has changed alot since illmatic (all the cr*p albums inbetween and gods son) whilst pac has been relatively consistent and has released alot more music......

if u like, 2pac is like a cadburys dairy milk.......tasty to anyone

and nas (illmatic time) is like one of those belgian chocolates......u need to be a chocolate conoisseur to appreciate it :wink: :wink: :wink:

just out of interest, hav u actually HEARD illmatic? all of it?

and u cant really expect a topic on rap music to be intellectual anyway :roll:

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This is my fist post here so i'll keep it short.

2pac is da don. How can u even compare the two?

I have all of pac's & nas' albums and none of nas' apeal to me. Maybe thats jst my taste.

snigga - nice to see that some people actually figured that out about me & my girlfriend. not many people iv spoken to no that he's rapping bout his gun coz dey dont LISTEN TO DA LYRICS!

P.S. Hav any of you heard the deathrow Nu Mixx of classic 2pac tunes?? if you have, wot tracks do you think r gud? I only really like the mixed versions of Toss it up & Ambitionz as a ridah

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