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Turban Cloth

Guest chamkila

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Guest chamkila


I have started wearing a round Turban, which I find is a lot better then the folded one. Only one problem I am using the same cloth that I was using as a folded turban, I find I am getting holes in the cloth and it starts tearing because I am wearing the round turban.

So what cloth would be better for a round turban.


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there are 2 types of cloth i know of

rubia (used for folded phug, thicker)


malmal (used for dumalla/round phug, thinner)

malmal will make your phug look better and is easier to handle (u can bunch it up better) but it is very delicate. u will get holes in it eventually i think. wash it in cold water, by hand, etc....

i use malmal. make sure you get it alot longer though, since becuz its thinner u need more to make the same shape.

u can get malmal cloth from indian cloth stores i think.......theres a place in southall that does it........

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