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72 times as nit Avtaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!


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72 times as nit Avtaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!! More Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pray: :pray:

Amazing stuff.. suleman the ghost talks about the exactly same thing in his tape. It might be hard to grasp or beleive but its true indeed! :D

source: http://www.angelfire.com/in/sidhu/ananddham.html

According to Janam Sakhi Lord Satguru Nanak Dev Ji will come in 10 pargat rup(10 gurus), eleventh form as Shabad and 72 times as nit avtaar or in the form of saints. Names of those saints are given in the Sau Sakhis written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. Baba Nand Singh ji is one of them, baba jis' name is beautifully mention as"NAND SINGH GARJA SINGH AADI,JIN LAAJ PANTH KI SAJI ".Baba Nand Singh Ji, was born in the month of katak(november) 1872 A.D. in village sherpur, Tehsil Jagraon, District Ludhiana, Punjab, India.His father, Sardar Jai Singh, and his mother, Mata Sada Kaur,were of extremely pious and religious nature. Baba ji had 3 elder brothers,bhai Santa Singh, Bhai Bhagat Singh and Bhai Jagat Singh.


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I would like to make an request to those who keep attacking on different sampardha's just because they seem to beleive in 84 roop of Guru Nanak dev ji nirankar theory which is referenced in B40 Janam Sakhis.

I would like to ask them ... why dont you attack the source which is B40 Janam Sakhi's... authentic or not authentic.. why dont you leave that to akaal takth?? Why dont you people write a letter to akaal takth and get that book B40 Janamsakhis banned if this matter is too contoversial to you??? why not attack the source rather attacking people who beleive in it?

See-attachment...there is 1.30 minute of audio speech by sant baba isher singh ji rara sahib talking about this freely.

Not only him but many saints have talked about ..here are some of them... sant baba hari singh randhawa have talked about it (kam will confirm this for you), sant baba waryam singh ji, sant baba sujan singh ji, sant baba jagjeet singh ji harkhowalie talked about it along with the suleman prait who was told by dharam raja ..the few names of nit avtars- sant baba nand singh ji , sant baba attar singh ji maustanwalie & reru sahib, sant baba isher singh ji and many more. He was also told by dharam raja/azaarael that from the samparda of sant baba karam singh ji hotimardhan there will be mahapursh will give you prait mukhti.

Also sau sakhi talks about baba nand singh , baba attar singh ji and baba ram singh ji coming to this kalyug. Go attack and tackle that source as well.

I m sure damdami taksal mahapursh beleive in this as well... just because they havent been open about it (which is understandable) does not mean they dont acknowledge guru maharaj ji bachan to sikhs.

I m not here to make you beleive in this.. only few people in thousands jiddaie changaie bhaag haan will beleive in it...rest are all here to doubt Guru Nanak Dev Ji bachan by putting their mat first.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is Nirankar himsef. For Guru Avtar its not a big deal to take saroop of Nit avtars or any avtars for that matter (see how Vahiguroo took roop of Narsingha to save his bhagat)...yes it would have been blampheous if Nit avtar were to take roop of Guru Avtar....but its not that way.. its other way around....!

Sikho Jagooooooooo everything is not in books or english translations you read......listen to gyani mahapursh from taksal/nirmalaie for deep gurbani araths...

In mainstream sikhi (sgpc) everything is shown black and white and thats it...there are lot of grey area has to be covered.

Jai Sant Samaj and other guru created sampardha's Ki !


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