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Sadh Sangat Jee,

As you know the Gurmat Studies Foundation went on a tour of English katha and keertan programs worldwide recently. The sevadaars of this excellent organization are organizing a surely memorable and rich experience for youth in their gurmat camp this winter.

Please send your family youth aged 7-30 (and send yourself if you are a youth!)

There is youth sangat going from Canada as well - so anybody is welcome to attend.

Please pass this notice to all your family, friends and relatives!


2003 Gurmat Studies Winter Youth Camp

Dec. 21 - 27

Age Range: 7 - 30 years

Location: Gurdwara Gur Nanak Parkash, Fresno, California


- Workshops on Sikh History & Philosophy

- English Katha

- Gatka & Kirtan classes

- Sports & Recreation

For more information please contact us:

604-594-3962 (Canada)


Gurmat Studies Foundation


For the full colour poster, please visit:


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daas 120897102397812

is that you visa card number by any chance. If so, lend a poor singh a hand and give me the 3 digits on the back of your card :D

other then that, thanks for the info, but its a bit far for me. :D

lol i am thinkin too 120897102.... lol ..guy is prolly got a picture memory or sumthin

but mugermuch

it can be a visa ....cause visa numbers are sixteen digits long:p plus they start with a "4"

and it cant be a masters ..either ....cause sixteen digits ...and masters start with "5"

isn't an american express either ....cause either its fifteen digits they have or seventeen ...i forget lol

can't be a diners nor a discover

so i am interested too

what the heck is this number all about :P ?? lol

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