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contrary to brainwashed mullah ideas, theres less science in the quran than a preschool nursery book. any possible science in teh quran is refuted at www.faithfreedom.org in the articles section. please have a good read and u will be convinced that there is absolutely not science in the quran whatsoever.

on the other hand, the guru granth sahib :) ............

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This is a fascinating area, whether the Qur'an is scientific...more pertinent is the question of why modern Quranic commentary is so keen to make it appear scientific - which is obviously that some interpreters want it to appear more scientific than science. Central Islamic concepts mentioned in the Qur'an, most importantly 'sunnat Allah' or Allah's 'custom', have been used as evidence for a natural scientific order among modern pro-science interpreters. What's also fascinating is that other modern interpreters have equally reacted to the modern empiricist, materialistic world-view and instead vociferiously rejected anything but utmost literal interpretation, including the metamorphosis sections. Regardless, the statements about the creation of the universe are certainly interesting (heaven as exanding, initially filled hot smoke).

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I think this is an issue that affects many faiths, usually the older traditions. From reading up on this, it seems that the more respected, refined commentators on the Qur'an actively condone this sort of interpretation.

We have a similar issue with Janamsakhi material, as some of the sakhis seemingly break the Natural Order (hence, nowadays we disregard these sakhis), whereas we accept the sakhis that do not break the Natural Order. So likewise we are drawn to a modern, materialistic interpretation of our own textual traditions, and ignore the seemingly unscientific.

It seems common to all traditions. Many are drawn into a metaphorical interpretation as a means of explaining seeming contradictions with the dominant modern scientific world view.

Furthermore, there are those Sikh interpreters who will swear blind that Sikhi refers to modern scientific notions like, for example, the many universes in Japuji Sahib. Qur'anic interpreters have claimed the same with regard the Qur'an's reference to the 'oval' shaped earth - which is fairly accurate. In both cases, these interpreters have ignored the fact that this notion existed prior to when this scripture was written (from the Greeks for the Qur'an, from Indian cosmology for Sikhi).

Nonetheless an interesting little issue.

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I dont think sri guroo granth sahib ji can be compared to so called sceince :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

hehe..rather..i don't think you can compare science to our Shri Guru Granth Sahib......as i recall someone saying on this site.... science doesn't prove sikhi...sikhi proves science...

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