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Does Truth Mattter?

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I tink it does, i'm still searching 4 da truth. I've been asking Waheguru soo many times dat:

1. Y hav all of us divided in2 different groups, wen we all belong in 1 great big family?

2. Wot does da color of our skin really mean? (Im not racist, but i get pushed by sum ppl into believing init, but i dont want 2 believe init)

3. Y am i born Dyslexic?

4. Y has da truth been distorted, in many different sects of truths, which 1s truer?

5. Y not hav every1 agree on 1 truth?

6. Y do we hide from da truth?

Our Gurus' Luv truthful living. Our Gurus' hav said dats da best way 2 live, is by being tru 2 urself and every1 else. Our Guru, Guru Granth Sahib cant push us to find da truth, we hav 2 find it ourselves.


Confucius philosophy was to never stop asking questions.

Da real question shud b, Why do we hide from da truth?

Da truth shell set us free.

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sachahu ourai sabh ko oupar sach aachaar ||5||

Truth is higher than everything; but higher still is truthful living. ||5||

What happends if we finally know the Ultimate Truth... ?

prehaps we all knew the truth at one point, but have suppressed it because we refuse to accept it - doesn't that explain how we fall into the cycle of re-incarnation?

bhul chuk maaf


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