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Dear Members,

We are working on our main site which will be available soon and we are going to add article section which will be our main homepage. Please, post your articles the ones you have written so we can review them and we will post your articles on our main site if we see them ok and everyone gives it "OK" to go.

Rules for submitting your articles.

1. You must provide your original e-mail address.

2. You must provide your real name with articles, no nicknames are allowed for articles.

References -- Taken from sikhnet just for this post.

To avoid criticism based on hearsay, it is suggested that all genuine criticism posted on Sikhawareness is supported by appropriate reference/s (e.g., a web site, book, magazine, journal etc.). If the views expressed in a article are not the author’s own views, then appropriate references must be provided when quoting someone else. Plagiarism is an offence. Always provide credits for material which is not your own.

References from Sri Guru Granth Sahib should include the “Unk†(Page Number). Anything attributed to our Gurus must be substantiated with appropriate reference from our Scriptures. In case of quotes from Nitnem Banees, Sukhmani Sahib or Asa Di Vaar, these Bani names may be used as reference without SGGS page number if the Shabad is quoted accurately.

All news items in your articles must be from credible well-established news agencies, newspapers, preferably from non-sectarian and bi-partisan sources. Only the original source should be provided – not a website where something was repeated from somewhere else. Do not repeat “hearsay.†Personal websites or posts on other Forums are not adequate references.

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