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Question on Sikh Scriptures...


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I have few queries on dasam granth, sarbloh granth and Sau Sakhi.. I would like to ask sangat these following questions in detail?? :D

1. How many sections and sub-sections are there in those two granths? And What are they??

2. What are Languages used in those two granths??

3. Level of language used? Poetic/Metaphoric or Basic Language??

4 When was sarbloh granth and dasam granth compiled?? And who Compiled it??

5. Do Sikhs consider sau sakhi part of sarbloh granth or thats separate??

6. How Authentic is sau sakhi?? I heard there couple of versions. I beleive its authentic because some of the predictions in it is some of the saints were 72 nit avatars which was guroo nanak sahib nirankar jot.. suleman ghost tapes talks about the same thing here... (See this post for information: http://www.sikhawareness.com/sikhawareness...opic.php?t=2688 )

7 Phd surinder singh kohli has made an attempt translating sikhi prophecies and dasam granth...how did sangat liked his work??? Did anyone read his work on sikhi porphecies and predictions???

8. Which scholars should be best for translations of these guroo maharaj's granths???

9. Which compositions were read at the time of battle with mughals around guroo's time?? (Like i heard it was recitation of chandi di vaar to keep warriors in proper josh).

10. How come mainstream sikhs havent even heard of sarbloh granth??? And there seems to have no such attempt to educating our mainstreams sikhs?? Why?? How come there were no parchars done on sarbloh-granth??

Note: All these questions are for my basic knowledge. I m in no way questioning the authencity of these granths!!!!!!!!. I have completely faith in them. But i do need to know the answer of these questions!!!

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