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Whistling Gurbani...

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Sat Sri Akal

Whistling is the natural musical instrument gifted by God. But its not considred to be right thing to whistle, publicaly...

Now, my another dumb question:

I sometimes love to recite Gurbani shabads by whistling the tunes from Gurbani cassettes by raagis :oops:... Am I doing is a wrong act... ? my intension is just to enjoy Gurbani...

Chardi Kala

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I don't see anything wrong with it. Sometimes a good tune sticks in your mind, and people hum or whistle it throughout the day. However, while your whistling, are you repeating Vaheguru? In your mind? If you are and if the tune reminds you of the Gurbani shabad which was sung, there's nothing wrong with that Bro, Chill.

My Mum says it's bad for girls to whistle in public, and I can understand that because some people whistle to show they are attracted to another person, but when you're humming or whistling a tune, then that isn't the same.


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