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SikhI and the BLING BLING ?!


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hey! SSA!!! :stan: (i think there shud be a smile wid a punjabi suit/ chunni on..itz about eqaulity peepz!! it wud be so cute too! ne wayz...)

ok do you people thing its ok to wear jewlry (aka bling bling 8) ) which have khandas, ek ohm kars, gurus, etc?? I personally sometimes find it pretty interesting how many use it as a culture symbol than a religious one, espicially with the khanda these days. I am thinkin of getting a khanda necklace, a silver one, but i am really hesitant since i think it wud be awkward, its kind of like showing off, like a jewlry item. I have seen many people with gold necklaces with ek ohm kar and the gurus on em, and i wonder well is that ok to do? i am curious, but i want to hear other peoples ideas and thoughts on this. I find it offensive personally when i see the khanda hanging on a big chain with someone with cut hair, but if its a sadar than i don't find it that offensive, u get my drift? maybe i am being to picky or annouyed, i don't say anything because i have really no idea, i have friends who wear big khanda chains, i don't say n e thing to em, but i also feel awkward when they have cut hair,,, n e wayz what ya think??

is it Ok to wear jewlry thats related to sikhi?? :?

[glow=red:43637a5917]one[/glow:43637a5917] :D

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