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Uniqueness of Sikhi !!

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do u know in SIKHISM the Bhagti (meditation) , Shakti (power) and Sewa (service) goes hand in hand .?

do you know how God has been defined in Sikhism ?

do you know how Sikhism leads one to be a microcosm of the super-cosmos ?

have you ever dipped in the unique spirituality of sikhism ??

do you know the ways and means which Sikhism prescribes for living ?

do you know a fraction of the things written in Guru Granth Sahib ? ( the holy book of Sikhs )it got sayings of many Hindu bhagats and Muslim fakirs.

do u know a fraction of the teachings and life of all the Sikh Gurus , Generals , Martyrs ???

in the upper written lines , is hidden the best , unique, super things of an extraordinary religion , and I hope you don't wish, that I should write all those things here , try to find it out yourself , IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE .

do u know Guru Nanak Dev ji ( the first Guru) traveled 28,000 miles to preach the message of Almighty and his philosophies were accepted by Mullahs of Baghdad , Kabul , rulers of Lanka , pandaas of Haridwar , Lamas of Tibet ( they even accepted him their spiritual leader and named him which meant " young Teacher " in local language as he was of very young age compared to 100++ years old tibetan scholars .

I'll say it’s the best time of Sikhs yet as they have to hear only the jokes than the times when there was price of a Sikh's head as they opposed cruel rulers .

Fifth Guru , Guru Arjun Dev ji was made to sit on a hot iron plate and hot sand was poured on his body , but he didn't utter a sigh .

Guru Teg Bahadur ji, (9th Guru) offered his life to save Kashmiri pundits ( Hindu Brahmins of J&K ), and so he was beheaded at Delhi . and in 1995 the hindu refugees of J&K at delhi organised an obeisance march named Panun Kashmir to the same place where their forefathers went with a request to save their lives from tyrannous mughal ruler.

Where in the world has one married his two teenager sons to death, like Guru Gobind Singh (10th Guru) and his two younger sons aged 7 & 9 were buried alive as the tyrannous rulers couldn't lure them to betray their faith for worldly pleasures and rewards.

In a all religion's of world conference , first the Sikh intellectuals were not given time to represent themselves because of their less population in world and when in the last they told about their faith , the Chairman of that conference concluded that " when the world will change into a global village then the universal religion will have its bearing on Silkhism

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