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When making degh can we use unsalted butter or do we have to use ghee(clarified butter). I have seen that in most gurdwaras here in canada that butter is used, even though ghee is available. What should be used and what really is the difference???

I notice that when I make it with ghee it does not have the same taste or smell as when made with unsalted butter, it seems more tasty and rich with butter. Can anyone shed some light on this topic, do you also notice the same taste difference???

What kind of sugar do you use, the regular white sugar? I heard that this is bad for health, does anyone know what desi khand is? Is it brown sugar? I was reading that this is what they used in guru jees times. If that is so do you use the same amount of desi khand as regular white sugar?

Please help me out on this one. Any other pointers will be greatly :D helpfull!!!

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