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Lion in a sheep

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Once there was a lion's cub, who got lost in the jungle. He was

found by a herd of sheep who accepted the cub as their own. The cub

started growing in the belief that it was a sheep. It learnt to

bleat and started eating grass. One day, the cub was alone and

strayed to a pond in the jungle. It looked down in the water. They

say, a loud roar went up in the jungle which was heard miles away.

The cub realized who he was. A single lion in the company of sheep

had started behaving like sheep!

Let us also see ourselves, realize what we are, and help the next

generation to realize that they are true Singhs of Guru Gobind

Singh. Let us remember that if the cub's face had also started

looking like a sheep, he would never have found out his identity.

[ Justice R.S.Narula, Apostasy among Sikh Youth- Causes and Cures,

Institute of Sikh Studies, 1997, pg 22 ]

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