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Sant Nikka SIngh Virakt

Guest Javanmard

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Guest Javanmard

Here is a saying by Sant Nikka Singh Virakt, a famous Nirmala Sant. Contrast this saying of this Mahapurush with the fanaticism and bigotry of some people who claim to be Sikhs:


How can you forget Him even for a fleeting second? I tell you something from my experience. We have been living in orchards where lived some Muslims, who looked after the fruit trees. They skeaded flour in an earthen pot and added red chilies in plenty into it. After having baked the bread, when they started eating the dry bread full of chilies they remembered Allah and thanked Him for His mercies. How good of them! They remembered their creator ever time they took a breath and with every morsel they ate. Never, never allow yourself to forget Him and if do not forget Lord you will always enjoy his blessing and status of a saint.

Surrender yourself completely before the Creator, and all your doubts and misgivings shall disappear. This is the only way to be sure of your self.

When there appears the light of enlightenment in the form of Guru he becomes the symbol of all powers. All great and holy men enjoy that power.

No one can ever give full description of the Creator. All adjectives cannot adequately describe Him. He is the Truth and He sustains life in all forms and balances the movement of heavenly bodies. He knows no limits. He is all pervading and beyond all scrutiny.


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